Iceland Off-road: Besides the Beaten Path

Planning your Icelandic itinerary might be quite challenging. Especially if your aim is to visit places that are not among the most popular destinations. If you love remote places and undiscovered destinations, in this article we will give you some ideas for an Iceland off-road trip.

Isolated road heading to the Highlands of Iceland

Off-road experience in Iceland

The remote and beautiful Iceland used to feel very much off the beaten path itself. But over the last decade or so, it has experienced a big surge in visitors number. Reykjavík’s streets are busy with tourists, and you’ll almost certainly have company at nearly all the main sights.

For many travelers who come to Iceland, off-road driving is a dream come true. Especially because what used to be wild and inaccessible places, such as the Stokkur geyser and Jokulsarlon lagoon, are now well visited.

If you are willing to adventure a little further afield, then you’ll find plenty of secret places. And if you’re up for some proper Iceland hiking, then you can easily disappear into the landscape. Experiencing scenery or a place far from the crowds is many travelers’ idea of heaven.

We have rounded up a handful of the best places to visit in Iceland. These are what we consider to be some of the most beautiful wild or less-visited Icelandic destinations. Breathtaking views and landscapes await those who are willing to get out there and explore! Book your camper now and start planning your Iceland off-road expedition today!

Few basics about driving in Iceland