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Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The stress relief and health-related properties of bathing in geothermal pools like Myvatn Nature Baths are well known worldwide. Iceland is a very fortunate country as there are plenty of geothermal energy sources lying under the earth's crust.

Thanks to that, you can enjoy dozens of geothermal pools and hot springs in Iceland. Icelanders learned well how to use this energy source's beneficial properties and built many artificial swimming pools and spas in places where it finds its way out to the ground. As there are so many of them, it is worth focusing on the most noteworthy ones during your road trip around Iceland. One of the most amazing hot springs that you will find here is the Mývatn Nature Baths.

smoky turquoise waters of the Myvatn nature baths in Iceland

Where is Myvatn Nature Baths located?

Myvatn Nature Baths are located in North Iceland and are often referred to as the north version of the Blue Lagoon. When you are already in the Myvatn Lake area, access to the spa is pretty straightforward.

You will have to use the Ring Road, road number 1, and then turn into the Þjóðvegur to get to the Baths. Watch for the signs, or just put them into your navigation program. You can avoid getting lost as the directions are not complicated to follow. There is quite a big parking lot available for camper and RV rentals at the destination where you can safely leave your vehicle.

The spa offers an exciting experience to its guests and is a perfect alternative to South Iceland's famous Lagoon, one of Iceland's must-visit places. Its prices are also much more affordable than the costs of the Blue Lagoon. The Myvatn Nature Baths are also much less crowded, as not all of the tourists coming to Iceland decide to circle the whole island, and only a few get to the North. This is another benefit of this place. You will mostly meet Icelanders here, which will help you know the Icelandic culture even better.

How to get tickets for Myvatn Nature Baths

The best way to get your entrance ticket to Myvatn Nature Baths is to purchase it online. Especially during the peak season, you might encounter queues at the ticket office. This will surely save you some precious time. I bet you should rather spend those minutes soaking in the warm water of the Myvatn Baths.

The cost of the tickets depends on the season in which you are visiting the spa. The opening hours can change, so we recommend checking them at the official website before heading to these facilities. Due to the actual Covid-19 situation, you will be required to book both time and date in advance as the space for visitors is limited. Try to be on time when you get your tickets online, not to make others wait for their turn to enter the pools

Water properties at Myvatn Baths Spa

Myvatn Nature Baths were opened in 2004, in the midst of beautiful surroundings. Everywhere you look, you can admire the volcanic scenery and mountains covered in snow. In the near distance, you can see the Hverfjall volcano and even Lake Myvatn itself. Water is provided by the Bjarnarflag power plant and transported to the spa through giant pipes immediately after being extracted from the ground.

The water is boiling and can even reach 130 degrees Celcius or 266 F, so It would be impossible to have a bath at such a temperature. This is why the water is cooled before filling the pool area. As a result, the final temperature is around 40 degrees Celcius or 40 Fahrenheit.

Geothermal hot spring with blue milky waters among dark volcanic rock

There are two main pools within Myvatn Nature Baths in which the water temperature is slightly different. The pool located closer to the changing room is filled with warmer water. This is where most people like to gather, especially right after checking in. The pool with views is filled with cooler water. However, you can find some warm spots here and there too.

The best way to fully enjoy the baths' wellness is to move between both pools. Have a bit of a swim around, so you can find the spot which suits you best. It is well known that bathing in alternating cold and warm water is a massage for our body. While warm water causes relaxation and calms us down, cold water stimulates and activates. Such treatment improves cell nutrition and removes toxins from our organism. Additionally, in the warmer pool, you can enjoy two massaging waterfalls that are quite relaxing.

Pools here are not very deep and can reach up to 130m, so even children and people who are not the best swimmers can enjoy them. Be careful, though, while walking as some parts of the ground have a slippery surface, and you can slip over easily. There are steam rooms where the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius or 122 F- for real lovers of warm water.

To enhance your visit to Myvatn Nature Baths, we recommend purchasing your Nature Baths tickets online. By doing so, you can skip the ticketing line and ensure a seamless entry into this enchanting geothermal spa.

Myvatn Nature Baths Etiquette

While visiting the Myvatn Nature Baths in Iceland, you need to remember the right etiquette that applies. Those are very similar to other pools and geothermal baths.

You need to take a shower and wash your body with soap first. This is a crucial step as the geothermal pools in Iceland are not chlorinated, so we need to keep them as clean as possible. You will need to wear a swimming suit in the pools. Flip-flops might also be useful, especially when using and walking in a shared space. Remember to bring a bath towel with you to cover up when leaving the pool.

However, if you happen to forget it, you can always rent one for an extra cost, at the place. If you visit the baths in the wintertime, using a beanie is recommended. Outside temperature can drop to 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) or less and you do not want to get cold. You will be given a little coin at the entrance, which will let you use the lockers where you can safely leave your clothes and belongings. Do not forget to take off all the jewelry as the silver one can change its color with water contact.

Geothermal pools like Myvatn Nature Baths in Iceland and hot springs have several beneficial properties. The warm water is perfect if you wish to relax, it has several benefits for health. while the minerals it contains have a healing effect on some health issues. Now that you know all about the Myvatn Nature Baths, you can start planning your visit and dreaming about the pleasure of soaking in its warm, geothermal water.


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