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Fun Activities in Iceland: Inject Some Laughs Into Your Holiday

Updated: May 10, 2023

Holidays should be about having fun and enjoying yourself. After all, there’s no point in traveling if it’s going to make you miserable.

So if you’ve decided on the Land of Fire and Ice for your next vacation and are looking for some fun activities in Iceland, there is plenty to do while you travel around the country in your campervan rental. Here are some suggestions that we think will put a smile on your face.

Fun activities in Iceland to enjoy

Outdoor fun activities in Iceland

Hop on a zipline

This exciting activity is located close to Vík í Mýrdal, a town in South Iceland well known for its black sand beaches. If you need a bit of adrenaline after some beach sightseeing, this is one of the most fun outdoor activities Iceland has to offer.

So long as you’re fit enough to cope with a short hike and brave enough to take a leap into the unknown, don’t miss out on this fun adventure. You’re sure to have a big grin plastered all over your face when you ride Iceland’s longest zipline.

Four consecutive rides await, and their names are just as entertaining: Little Rush, Gentle Giant, Leap of Faith, and Big Rush. Ideal for a group of friends, it’s a unique way to see the canyons and waterfalls from a totally different perspective.

Fun activities in Iceland: zipline

Play Frisbee golf in a fjord

You can play a round of proper golf here in Iceland, but why would you when you can have a go at folf instead? Folf, also known as frisbee golf, or disc golf – call it what you like – is a lot of fun. You can play it all over Iceland, but one of the best places to try it out is up in Akureyri where there are several courses.

So what exactly is Frisbee golf? Like regular golf, it’s played on greens and fairways over nine or eighteen sections. In this game you’ll still refer to drivers and putters, and follow the same kind of rules you would in golf so it makes for a great group activity.

However, you won’t need to drag a bag of clubs behind you, as you’ll be chucking a Frisbee in the hope of getting it into a basket. And remember, the more you miss, the more you’ll laugh.

Fun activities in Iceland: Folf

Join a thrilling snowmobile tour

In the absence of any theme park in Iceland – though to be fair, you could argue the whole country is a theme park – Icelanders get their kicks from speed.

You could sign up for a RIB boat tour or zoom around the countryside on an ATV. Some companies even offer ATV tours across Iceland's black beaches! Still, one of the best ways to enjoy an adrenaline rush is on a snowmobile tour. A year-round activity, tours are available in most of Iceland's glaciers. In summer, when there’s no snow, the action moves to glaciers such as Vatnajökull.

Your snowmobile tour operator will kit you out in all the specialist gear you need to keep you safe, including a helmet, overalls and gloves. After a short training session, you’ll set off in convoy, feeling the wind on your face as you follow your guide across the ice. It’s a thrilling and memorable activity and a great way to experience Iceland’s magnificent scenery.

snowmobiling in Iceland

Swap your campervan for a different kind of horsepower

You don’t have to be an expert rider to get on an Icelandic horse. Anyone can ride these usually calm and gentle beasts. However, you could argue it will be most fun for your traveling companions if you’re a complete novice and the guide decides it’s time to try out a tölt.

You’ll soon pick up the tölt- a smooth yet fast Icelandic fifth gait. Enjoy it as you head out into the countryside or onto those magnificent black sand beaches. It’s an ideal way to combine some fresh air, exercise and of course sightseeing. Horseback riding tours are all over the country, so you won’t need to venture far to find someone who can show you the basics.

Horse-riding in Iceland

Have a night out in Reykjavík

Searching for fun activities in Reykjavík? It’s hard not to laugh if you spend the evening at a karaoke bar with friends. There’s something about bad singing that always has us clutching our sides. In Iceland, Reykjavík’s the best place to go if you want to belt out the hits.

Gaukurinn on Tryggvagata hosts karaoke nights on a regular basis, while The Irishman Pub has a private karaoke room that you can rent out.

You probably won’t master Iceland’s hardest karaoke song in one go, though you’ll have fun trying. A few years ago, Inspired by Iceland, took us on a musical journey across the country as they introduced us to the A to Ö of Iceland. Alternatively, you could learn the tricky dance routine Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið created for the Eurovision entry.

Mush huskies in the snow

Another of our favorite fun Iceland activities is dog-sledding. When there’s snow on the ground, it’s a great way to see the countryside. The dogs love it too – as soon as they’re harnessed up, they bark with excitement and can’t wait to get out and have some fun.

Their enthusiasm is infectious, and you’ll soon be glad you signed up for this winter adventure.

Head to Glæsibær, near Akureyri, where you’ll join Gunni and María, the owners of goHusky for a thrilling ride through the North Iceland countryside. Groups can take part in a fun run, where you’ll race your mates. goHusky can also arrange a petting and pictures session, or attach you to one of their dogs for a hike with a difference.

Fun activities in Iceland: sleigh

Cool Indoor fun activities in Iceland

Enrol in Elf School

Though you might struggle to reconcile the idea of school with having fun, this is no ordinary place of learning. Enrol in Reykjavik’s Elf School, where entertainment, and inspiration is guaranteed. The passionate headmaster wil teach you everything you need to know about Iceland’s Huldufólk.

Elves, trolls and other fairy folk are a part of Icelandic society, just like humans, existing alongside them in a kind of parallel universe. The country’s folklore tradition goes back centuries. When you ask many Icelanders if they believe in Huldufólk, they’ll often tell you that they can’t be 100% sure these mythical creatures don’t exist.

Fun activities Reykjavik: elf School

Unleash your inner chef

One of the easiest ways to bring out the smiles is to try something hands on, which makes taking a cooking class a great idea. While there’s a range of fun activities to do in Reykjavík, this one has an added benefit: you won’t need to decide where you’re going to eat afterwards. So long as what you’ve made is edible, of course.

Held at Salt Eldhús (it translates to Salt Kitchen in English), you’ll have the full attention of a talented but also entertaining chef. There’ll be plenty of laughs as you prepare and serve a three course meal – lunch or dinner, the choice is yours. Try Icelandic favorites such as traditional rye bread, dung smoked Arctic char, dried Atlantic fish or free-range lamb.

Fun activities Reykjavik: Cooking class

Get ready for fun!

When it comes to fun activities in Iceland, the possibilities are practically endless. Thanks to the freedom you’ll have at the wheel of your campervan or motorhome rental, you can easily spend your entire holiday smiling and laughing. Now all you’ve got to decide is where to go first.



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