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Insurance (included)

SCDW insurance (Super Collision Damage Waiver) is a great way to have peace of mind while travelling. 


It enhances the typical CDW policy by reducing your damage liability to 90,000 ISK for campers & 150,000 ISK for Motorhomes if something should happen to your vehicle.


Ask us for more information as each make or model may be subject to specific policies.

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Gravel Protection (included)

GP insurance covers light scratches, dents, and minimal damage to your vehicle's exterior.  


No insurance in Iceland covers damages caused by gravel on the windshield, headlights and body of the car, either by yourself and/or another car. Many people don’t realize that more than 50% of the roads in Iceland are gravel roads, making GP necessary on your travels.    


Damage liability is covered after 15,000 ISK for campers & 15% of the repair cost for Motorhome.

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Theft Protection (included)

 TP Insurance covers damage caused by theft of the rented vehicle. The excess (the amount you are liable for) is 0 ISK.


This is the best option to be totally covered from theft. Theft protection (TP) covers theft of the rented vehicle.  


In this case, damage liability is lowered to 0 ISK.

Campervan Reykjavik - Camper Van Rental in Iceland


Sand & Ash Protection

This type of insurance is unique to Iceland, covering any damage from volcanic ash or sandstorms. Price per day only 1.500 ISK.


In high winds and dry weather, the ash from the volcanoes and sand on the south coast can cause huge damage to the cars and all the cost has fallen on the renter, until now. 


In this case, damage liability is lowered to 150,000 ISK

PLATINUM Insurance

(Zero Excess)

Drive with no worries on your trip around Iceland. PLATINUM Insurance (Zero Excess) is our most comprehensive insurance option and reduces your responsibility to ZERO in the case of collision or damage from gravel, sand, or ash. It offers all of our insurance options (SCDW, GP, TP and SAAP).


Price starts at 3.400 ISK per day.




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