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  • Booking now?
    We’ve broken down our user-friendly site into 4 easy steps: Phase 1: Talk to us. What are your dates and pick up/drop-off locations? Phase 2: Make your selection. You’ll be pleased with our wide array of vehicles. Pick one depending on your party size and needs. Phase 3: Depending on your arrival and vehicle choices, pick up times may be limited. Please provide us with the most amount of information concerning your trip to better tailor our services to you. Let’s go! Click “Continue.” Now here’s where we’ll need your driver info and contact information. Hit “Confirm” and “Pay” to finalize the reservation Phase 4: After finishing your reservation, you’ll be guided through to our online payment portal You’ll need to have your payment card in hand. After inserting card details, press “Pay.” In a short while after this last step, you should expect an email confirmation with a payment receipt.
  • What does the full rental price include?
    What to Expect: -All you can drive. No mileage limit. -CDW, TP, GP & SCDW insurance INCLUDED. -Kitchenware (optional) -Mattress -Cleaning Tools -MP3/CD player with a USB connection (most models) -Local taxes -24/7 Road Assistance Number (services not covered) What NOT to expect: -SAAP insurance -Added drivers (some vehicles may include it) -Standard items (GPS, baby seats, sleeping bags, camping table or chair, etc.) -Petrol
  • I’ve landed. Please walk me through the protocol for vehicle pick up.
    After a quick and easy booking process, you should can expect a confirmation email with your booking information. We recommend you print the document and bring it with you. At pick up you’ll need to sign our Terms & Conditions agreement in order to receive the keys. One of the on-site technicians will guide you through the return process. We highly suggest you speak with them if you have any doubts. We offer a streamlined service for a smooth pick-up and drop-off. In the event that your vehicle is still being serviced in order to maintain its pristine and stellar condition, we will inform you of any delays. Campervan Reykjavik ensures that you will be updated of even the slightest of changes. We understand how traveling may sometimes feel like a logistical nightmare, therefore we want to remove as much uncertainty from this process as possible.
  • Tell me about the roadside service. Is it included in my general booking?
    We will provide you with a 24/7 roadside assistance telephone number that you can call. If you get a flat tire, bump into something or get stuck, for example, you’ll be charged a fee. If you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, we recommend you contact one of the following: Fire (110), Police (112) or Ambulance (113.)
  • I’m packing and want to make sure I bring the right ID and documents.
    Upon checking in to our airport office you’ll need to present the original ID card of the principal renter and any additional driver attached to the booking. A passport or state issued ID works just fine. We also require a valid credit card from a person within your travel party. The process made simple: If you have a Category B driver’s license from any EU country, you can rent any vehicle from our site. If you are a resident of a non-EU county, you’ll need to bring an driver’s permit with you. As is common with other sites or services, we will place an open authorization on your credit card while you’re on your vacation or trip. It’s for your peace of mind, just in case you need to pay for any additional incidentals, purchases or damages to the vehicle after you drop it off. We would then charge your card after presenting you with the final bill. In addition, some of our higher end vehicles may hold a deposit guarantee. Please ask us if you have any questions or doubts about your vehicle type. We’re only a friendly phone call away.
  • What happens in the event we need to scrap the entire trip?
    You are able to cancel, don’t worry. For campervans, if you cancel your reservation 2 days in advance or more, you’ll be able to receive your deposit back. On the off chance you cancel your reservation within 2 days or less before pick up or fail to show up, you will lose your deposit. For motorhomes & Mercedes Marco Polo 4x4 the cancellation fee is 15% of the total cost of the rental.
  • I’ve never been to Iceland. What are some things I should be aware of during my adventure?
    -Be careful with general vehicle damage. -Monitor your speed. Traction can be quite tricky on certain terrain. -Watch out for stray animals. -Be attentive to the road. Your passengers can certainly enjoy the views, but you need to pay attention at all times. -It can be very sunny in the summer for a long time. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. -There can be sudden storm winds which can damage vehicle doors. Try not to leave them ajar. -Don’t drive on a flat tire. Contact us immediately to assist you!
  • How do I know which vehicle to choose?
    As fellow travelers, we understand the need for a few hints from locals before venturing out on a trip, especially a trip full of new possibilities. Knowing what vehicle best fits your needs is simple. Begin with deciding on what type of trip you are embarking upon. Are you looking for greater autonomy on the road? We have different types of roadsters. Some are better equipped for more rugged terrain. If traveling in style on main roads is more your thing, then some of our luxury brands could suit you best. Our specialists are here to help and are only a chat/phone call away.
  • During the winter months, can I rent a motorhome?"
    Certainly. Just make sure to check our site to see if your model/make vehicle has any limitations or requirements for winterization. One of our knowledgeable customer service agents can assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • Why should I book a campervan in Iceland?
    Iceland is a nature lover’s dream. It’s full of magical destinations and places. The best way to travel through a large and sparse area is to take a hotel/home/car all-in-one with you. Campervans and motorhomes are ideal for Icelandic travel. They provide the comforts of home with the agility of a car.
  • Can I take this vehicle to events or festivals around Iceland?
    This is exactly what they’re made for. Travel with ease, comfort and style to any event. Depending on whether you just want transportation to the event or you’d like to camp at the site, there’s a perfect vehicle waiting for you.
  • Ferries require registration numbers. Can we get one from you guys?
    As we won’t have your exact vehicle until your arrival, the best thing to do if you decide on taking your vehicle onto a ferry is to provide the ferry operator with the dimensions of the vehicle and then on the registration forms you can simply state “RENTAL CAR/HIRED CAR” OR “TBA” in lieu of the registration number.
  • We love going off the beaten path when we travel. Can we park the motorhome anywhere in Iceland and set up camp?
    No, you can’t. Going off the beaten path in Iceland is strictly prohibited and can lead to costly fines and even jail time. Always stick to the main roads, and if you want to take on the F-roads, you’ll need a 4x4 camper suitable for the challenge. You can park your motorhome at designated parking areas during your visit, and if you want to spend the night, there’s a network of around 200 campsites you can choose from in Iceland.
  • How will I stay warm and comfy at night during the winter?
    Iceland is extremely picturesque during the winter months; untouched snow graces the healthy flora making for great photos and views. But don’t worry about staying warm, all of our vehicles are insulated like most modern cars or steel based vans. Just close all doors and windows and heat the car for a bit before turning it off to sleep and you should be fine!
  • Anything else I should know about renting through you guys?
    We would like to remind you that the minimum age is 20 for camper rental, 23 for Mercedes Marco Polo & Hilux and 25 for motorhome rental (on most vehicles, depending on which model.) You must have had your valid state issued driver’s license for at least one year prior to booking.
  • What do I need to check before dropping off my vehicle?
    When you drop off your vehicle, you need to: Make sure it’s clean inside (kitchenware included) Take out the trash Fill up the fuel tank and ensure the battery is fully charged Fill up the clean water deposit Empty the gray water tank Spray down the outside with water if necessary, so that we can check for damage Collect all of your personal belongings If applicable, make sure the gas tank has been refilled
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