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Iceland Full Itinerary For A Self Drive Vacation

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Planning a road trip holiday, and you’re looking for dramatic landscapes and natural wonders that will blow your mind? Then Iceland really is the place for you. But with a country so full of beauty and wonder, it can be difficult to plan your ideal Iceland itinerary.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some suggestions, and more than a few Iceland sample itineraries, to help you on your search for the best Iceland itinerary.

 Iceland itinerary

3-Day Iceland Itinerary

If you’re short on time and only hopping over to Iceland for a long weekend, this 3 day Iceland campervan itinerary is the one for you!

5-Day Iceland Itinerary

Here is a 5-day trip to Iceland sample itinerary. We’ve suggested what to do on different days, but the beauty of self-driving is you can split it up however you like and make your own Iceland trip itinerary.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík.

  • Day 2: Golden Circle.

  • Day 3: South coast to Vik.

  • Day 4: Vik to Jokulsarlon.

  • Day 5: Vik to Reykjavík.

7-Day Iceland Itinerary

This 7-day Iceland campervan itinerary will tour around the south and east of Iceland, but you can adjust it to make your own Iceland itinerary.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík.

  • Day 2: West Iceland.

  • Day 3: Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

  • Day 4: Golden Circle.

  • Day 5: South coast of Iceland.

  • Day 6: Vatnajokull National Park.

  • Day 7: South coast and back to Reykjavík.

Iceland trip itinerary

10 Day Iceland Itinerary

A 10-day self drive tour of Iceland is considered the optimal Iceland self-drive itinerary. Let’s be real; with a country this beautiful, you should take it slow and enjoy your trip to Iceland. Most of these stops are along the famous Iceland Ring Road, making it a very easy drive.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík.

  • Day 2: Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall.

  • Day 3: Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skogafoss, Vik black sand beach.

  • Day 4: Vatnajokull National Park, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

  • Day 5: Lake Myvatn, Krafla volcano, Namaskard pass, Skutustadir crater.

  • Day 6: Husavik, Asbyrgi canyon, Dettifoss waterfall.

  • Day 7: Godafoss waterfall, Akureyri, Skagafjordur, Trollaskagi, Siglufjordur.

  • Day 8: Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

  • Day 9: Snaefellsjokull National Park, Snaellsjokull Glacier.

  • Day 10: Reykjavík.

Summer Iceland Itinerary

Summer is a great time to visit Iceland; the midnight sun means more time for driving and exploring. Plus, roads that are closed off in the winter are open in the summer months. That’s why our summer Iceland itinerary is all about exploring more remote parts of the island.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

  • Day 2: Snaefellsjokull National Park.

  • Day 3: The Westfjords.

  • Day 4: Latrabjarg: Iceland’s Westernmost Point.

  • Day 5: Dynjandi and Isafjordur.

  • Day 6: Strandir Coast.

Iceland sample itinerary summer

Winter Iceland Itinerary

Thinking of taking a trip to Iceland this winter? Here is our suggested Iceland vacation itinerary for winter self drive holidays.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík.

  • Day 2: The Golden Circle. Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Springs, Gullfoss, Kerid Crater.

  • Day 3: The South coast. Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Gljufrabui waterfall, Skogafoss waterfall, Reynisfjara black sand beach.

  • Day 4: Eastern coast. Diamond beach, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Svinafellsjokull glacier, Skaftafell National Park.

South Iceland Itinerary

If you’re looking for a south Iceland itinerary, you’re in luck; we’ve got some great suggestions of places to visit.

  • Day 1 : Explore the Golden Circle.

  • Day 2 : Reykjanes Peninsula and Reykjadalur hot springs.

  • Day 3 : Vik, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss.

  • Day 4: Jokulsarlon.

  • Day 5: Reykjavík.

North Iceland Itinerary

If you’ve been to Iceland before, it’s likely you have already visited Reykjavík, the Golden Circle, and maybe the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. But what if you’re looking to explore the country a little deeper? This North Iceland self-drive itinerary is a good place to start.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík to Akureyri.

  • Day 2: Diamond Circle route.

  • Day 3: Lake Myvatn

  • Day 4: Troll Peninsula

  • Day 5: Return to Reykjavík.

North Iceland Itinerary

East Iceland Itinerary

East Iceland has some of the most unique and beautiful sights in the country. Sadly, due to its distance from the capital of Reykjavík, it’s one of the areas less visited by tourists. If you’re looking for an Iceland self-drive itinerary that explores lesser known parts of Iceland; read on.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík to Vatnajokull National Park.

  • Day 2: Bulandstindur.

  • Day 3: Lagarfljot, Hallormsstadaskogur National Forest, Hengifoss waterfall.

  • Day 4: Viti crater.

  • Day 4: Return to Reykjavík.

West Iceland Itinerary

Looking for an alternative to Iceland’s famous Ring Road? Don’t get us wrong; Iceland’s Ring Road (also known as Route 1) is wonderful! It encircles the entire island, providing access to the most well-loved attractions in Iceland. But there’s a lesser known route that’s just as awesome; Ring Road 2.

Iceland's Ring Road 2 will take you through Iceland’s Westfjords, a lesser travelled part of Iceland. Here are some sights you can look forward on your self drive trip around West Iceland:

  • Raudasandur

  • Latrabjarg

  • Dynjandi

  • Isafjordur

  • Hornstrandir Reserve

  • Gvendarlaug

West Iceland itinerary

Highlands Iceland Itinerary

Kjolur Route on F-road F35 is Iceland’s route through the Highlands (the centre of the island). Most of Iceland’s inhabitants live on the coasts of the island, with the centre of Iceland being less habitable. The area being less habitable doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit though- quite the opposite in fact!

Take a peek at our Iceland vacation itinerary for the Highlands; a route for thrill seekers and adventurers!

  • Visit sights on the Golden Circle route.

  • F35 starts after Gullfoss waterfall (a sight on the Golden Circle).

  • Follow F35 and enjoy sights like Hvítárvatn glacier and the Kerlingarfjöll. mountains.

  • Rejoin the Ring Ring (also known as Route 1) in North Iceland.

Sigur Ros Iceland Itinerary

Sigur Ros are arguably one of the most successful bands from Iceland. In 2016, Sigur Ros drove the whole of Iceland’s Ring Road in 24 hours. Using a dashboard camera, they recorded their journey. Inspired by the sights and beauty of Iceland, they combined the video with new songs, creating the Route One album. You can watch their video and listen to the album on YouTube.

This Iceland vacation itinerary is inspired by the tracks on the Sigur Ros Route One album:

  • Reykjavík, Track 4, 64°08'43.3"N 21°55'38.8"W

  • Lake Holtsos, Track 1, 63°32'43.7"N 19°43'46.3"W

  • Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Track 2, 63°47'36.2"N 18°02'16.9"W

  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Track 3, 64°02'44.1"N 16°10'48.5"W

  • East Coast, Track 5, 64°46'34.1"N 14°02'55.8"W

  • Eastfjords, Track 6, 65°27'29.1"N 15°31'56.0"W

  • North Coast, Track 7, 65°30'17.9"N 18°37'01.3"W

  • Blonduos, Track 8, 65°38'27.9"N 20°16'56.9"W

Sigur Ros Iceland Itinerary

Game of Thrones Iceland Itinerary

If you’re reading this Games of Thrones Iceland itinerary, you probably already know that many scenes in Games of Thrones were filmed in Iceland. And with the new House of the Dragon spin-off, it’s the perfect time to plan a trip to Iceland and relive your favorite Games of Thrones moments.

This self drive itinerary for Iceland starts in Reykjavík, circling Iceland anti-clockwise.

  • Hengill Volcano: The Hound and Brienne of Tarth fight it out. Season 4, episode 10.

  • Thingvellir National Park: The stronghold of House Arryn, Season 4.

  • Skogafoss: The waterfalls where Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen kiss. Season 8, episode 1.

  • Reynisfjara Beach: Jon Snow and company land their boats on a black sand beach in the North. Season 7, episode 5.

  • Svinafellsjokull: John Snow first meets Ygritte north of the wall. Season 2, episode 6.

  • Grjotagja cave: The cave in which Jon Snow and Ygritte make love. Season 3, episode 5.

  • Myvatn Lake: The main location for filming north of the wall scenes in Games of Thrones season 3.

  • Dimmuborgir: The Wildings camp where Jon Snow meets the leader, Mace Rayder. Seeason 3, episode 1.

  • Kirkjufell: This is the “mountain shaped like an arrow head” that they speak on in season 7, episode 7.

Game of Thrones itinerary

Myths and Legends Iceland Itinerary

If you’re someone who enjoys the spookier side of life, or maybe you’re a folk history fanatic, this is the Iceland travel itinerary for you. Starting near Reykjavík, this Iceland itinerary takes you around the country, visiting places associated with Icelandic elves, trolls, and magic.

  • Hafnarfjordur: Near Reykjavík in south-west Iceland. Visit The Elf Garden in Hellisgerdi Park and the family-friendly Viking Village.

  • Hvalfjorour: An Icelandic fjord in south-west Iceland. Home to an ancient folktale about an elf woman who transformed her human lover into a red-headed whale.

  • Holmavik: This sleepy fishing village in west Iceland is home to the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft.

  • Snaefellsjokull glacier: The most famous Iceland glacier. It is situated on the tip of Snaefellsnes peninsula in west Iceland. The area of Snaefellsnes is named after the Norse god of thunder and lightning, Snaefell.

  • Barnafoss waterfall: This west Iceland waterfall is otherwise known as the Children’s Waterfall. This waterfall is cursed, no one can cross it alive!

  • Eiríksstaðir Living Museum: This Viking history museum is a must for those interested in Iceland’s history and pantheon.

  • Trollaskagi: This area of north Iceland is known as the Troll Peninsula.

  • Lake Hraunsvatn: This lake is apparently home to the mythical creature named Hrokkáll. It is an eel-like creature with scales as hard as iron and razor sharp saw-toothed fins.

  • Lagarfjlot: This east Iceland lake is allegedly home to a mythical serpent known as Lagarfljotsormurinn or The Lagarfljót Wyrm.

  • Dyrfjoll mountains: These mountains house the village of Alfaborg, a hillock which is considered an elfin city and home to an elfin queen.

  • Reynisfjara Beach: Legend has it that three trolls attempted to pull a ship ashore, but were caught by the daylight and turned into stone.

Iceland travel itinerary

The Best Iceland Itinerary For You

There is no perfect Iceland itinerary. In a country so full of beauty, it’s impossible to see everything in one trip, so use our sample Iceland itineraries to get you inspired. And remember; if you’re planning on visiting in winter or traveling the F-roads, hire yourself a 4×4 vehicle. That way, you can go almost anywhere!


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Booking a cozy vacation rental along your route adds to the adventure, providing a comfortable and unique home base each night. From the majestic waterfalls and geysers to the serene fjords and black sand beaches, a self-drive tour lets you experience Iceland's natural wonders with the convenience and comfort of a personalized journey.

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