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Google Maps in Iceland: Does it Even Work on the Island?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

One of the most used online navigation tools in the world will also work perfectly in Iceland. You simply need to know which stops to put in to get the most out of your trip around the island. Simply add a few locations and you have the entire route plotted out in the palm of your hand. You can also use the tool to plan your trip beforehand.

Getting to a new country can be challenging, and knowing your way around is always a tricky part of the trip. Google Maps is usually a safe fallback in most parts of the world, but how well does it work in Iceland and how do you use it to get to the good spots? Google Maps Iceland is your best friend on an Iceland road trip, and we have added all information you will need to get to and around the most common tourist spots.

Google maps Iceland app

Can I Use Google Maps Iceland?

Absolutely. This country is one with development and is likely to have almost any road in the country mapped out. Iceland has a phone and electrical grid that reaches even the most remote villages and towns, and the phone coverage will be great all along the larger roads. Google Maps Iceland will also tell you which routes have tolls.

How Well Does Google Maps Iceland Work?

Google Maps Iceland can take you wherever you want to go on this adventurous island, even along most of the F-roads in the Highlands. If you go around in the highlands, you might reach some parts without any reception, but you should be able to get some form of reception in most of the country.

This means that Google Maps Iceland will work just fine in any part of the country. If you ever feel like you might get into a part of the country with limited reception, the GPS will still work, so you can always download the maps and use them offline. Overall, Google Maps Iceland will be a good app to keep with you on your trip.


The largest city in the country is ever-expanding and new areas are built continuously to house the growing population. This means that in Reykjavik, new roads are mapped and named, which can put a strain on the Google Maps Iceland infrastructure.

Luckily, Google Maps Reykjavik keeps up to date and is a great tool for navigating the city. All streets will have names in a foreign language (Icelandic), which makes it extra important for the Google Maps Iceland tool to be able to give directions without you having to know Icelandic.

Google Maps Iceland, Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon and Google Maps is an easy affair, all you need to do is punch it into the search bar. You don’t need to know the address or anything, but you need to keep an eye on the road there from Reykjavik since it’s a busy road. It’s close to Keflavik, so it’s a good stop either at the start or at the end of your trip to Iceland (or both!).

Golden Circle

You can go on tours that take you through the Golden Circle, but honestly, we prefer to be the captains on our own journeys. Golden Circle Iceland Google Maps is the way to go if you are driving your motorhome rental. The route won’t be laid out for you, but if you punch in these stops, you will be fine. The stops include:

  • Thingvellir (car park)

  • Geysir (car park)

  • Gullfoss (car park)

  • Kerid (car park)

  • Reykjavik

With these stops, you will go around the Golden Circle, and Google Maps in Iceland will be a perfect guide. Just keep an eye out for any other locations you want to try while you’re on the route.

Ring Road 1

If you are going around Iceland, you are going to use Ring Road 1 as your base route. Whenever you are going off the road to see a landmark, get to a sleeping place, or simply explore some interesting road you find, it can be a hassle to get back on the main road. Since Google Maps Iceland works practically everywhere on the island, it’s very easy to pull over quickly and just check the live map (or offline map) and see where you need to go to get back on track.

Simply putting in your destinations along Ring Road 1 will work the best for your trip. Making multiple stops in Google Maps Iceland route planner will help you plan out your trip in detail and help you calculate how long it will take to drive around Iceland.

Google maps Iceland, Ring Road


Navigating the remote wilderness in the northwest might seem like a tough task, but the phone reception in Iceland reaches all the way out there too. Google Maps in Iceland is working just fine in the Westfjords, and you can easily use it to get to your destinations as well as check out new places to visit in your immediate area.

Driving with Google Maps Iceland

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when driving with Google Maps in Iceland:

  • It’s illegal to phone and drive without a headset. Put your phone on speaker to give you directions via audio or place your phone somewhere in the car so you can easily see the directions without losing sight of the road.

  • Google Maps Iceland doesn’t always keep up to date with the road conditions. Iceland is a wild country and wild things happen, so use Google Maps Iceland to help you navigate around any possible snow blocks or newly damaged roads.

  • Concentrate on your driving. The roads in Iceland can be a challenge in some places.

What’s Next

Now we have told you all you need to know about the necessary navigation. Your next step will be to rent a campervan and take charge of your adventure!


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