Open All Year Campsites in Iceland

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Ring Road during winter camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland in winter takes a bit of preparation as the country’s elements are extreme. You’ll need to take additional safety precautions when driving and also pack the right clothing. We want you to be safe in Iceland! You need to know about winter camping in Iceland and the open all year campsites in Iceland in order to plan your itinerary well. We’ve compiled some information about the things to know such as camping regulations, what to pack for camping in the wintertime, and a list of the all year campsites in Iceland sorted by region.

Winter Camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland is a favorite (not to mention cheap) way to visit our breathtaking little island. Tourists save even more money when visiting during the offseason. You’ll find discounts on everything from campervan and car rental to restaurants to accommodation. As a result, winter camping in Iceland has grown in popularity. A large percentage of Iceland’s 2.2 million annual visitors come to the island, rent a campervan, and set off on the road trip of their dreams. Campervans, in particular, are a popular choice for camping in Iceland in winter because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of pitching a tent in the midst of powerful winds or driving down tent stakes in the snow or frosty ground. Instead, you’ve got your sleeping and cooking facilities all in one place and that nice Webasto heater to keep you warm overnight while you slumber.

Open all year campsites in Iceland campervan and couple enjoying view