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An Adventurer’s Guide to the Best Campsites in Iceland

Updated: Feb 15

Iceland is the promised land when it comes to camping. There are so many Iceland campsites that you will never run the risk of being without a camping spot. Although, pre-booking during summer is recommended. Iceland's campgrounds will likely also offer you nice WC facilities, a warm shower, and an indoor space to escape the weather for a bit.

Camping is the best way to experience nature, and since Iceland is all about nature, they have made sure to have the camping situation covered, nationwide. Iceland is not like many other countries, so what can you expect when you arrive at Iceland campsites, and what are you allowed to do? Keep reading to find the answers and get to know the best campsites in Iceland.

Iceland campsites guide

Iceland Camping Basics

Iceland has a black belt in campsites. The country is a cornucopia for campers, hikers, campervaners, and anyone who is hellbent on sleeping in nature. Don’t get us wrong, the Iceland hotels are wonderful, but the nature is simply too good to not sleep in at some point. It is also a great way to keep the spending down. Iceland campsites are great budget alternatives to other accommodations, especially if you get the Camping Card.

Iceland Campsites come in all shapes and sizes, and they play an important role in the Iceland camping ecosystem. The camping laws in Iceland used to allow anyone to camp on uncultivated land. That was possible as long as you had permission from the owner. However, since some people simply can’t behave, that changed. Now, designated Iceland campsites will be the safe alternative to stay out of any trespassing trouble.

As with most things in life, the further away from civilization you move, the fewer comforts you will have. This is true for Iceland Campsites as much as anything else. So, going into the highlands and expecting a full-blown glamping site will only set you up for disappointment. The vast majority of campsites will have basics such as WC with running water. Luckily, most will have shower facilities with warm water, cooking areas, electric outlets, Wi-Fi, and much more.

With some tips along the way, you won’t miss the redundant amenities and overplayed luxury that often is portrayed in holiday commercials, and you'll see that camping in Iceland is easy.

Iceland campgrounds

Iceland Campsites

1. Reykjavík Campsite

The first stop on your Iceland tour will be the Iceland Campsite’s number one: Reykjavík campsite. It is the largest of the campgrounds near Reykjavík and you will have all the modern amenities like a shared kitchen, lounge, Wi-Fi, hot showers, WC, and laundromat.

The stay is typically ISK 2,900 per person per night for a regular tent spot, and up to ISK 6,700 per person per night for a large pitch for larger RVs and caravans. All big spots have electricity included, and the campsite is open year-round.

Best campsites in Iceland

2. Skógar Campsite

Getting back to the basics of camping, one of the best campsites in Iceland is the hidden gem near Skogafoss waterfall. There are more waterfalls in Iceland than we can count, but we love them, and camping at the foot of one is simply otherworldly. From here, you can hike around the area of Eyjafjallajökull and do all the things connected to it.

Skogar campsite has the bare necessities and is rarely crowded, so it’s a great stop on your tour of campsites around Iceland. The price for a spot is a mere ISK 1,500 per person and night, but you’ll have to pay ISK 400 if you want to have a shower.

Campsites around Iceland: Skogafoss

3. Grindavik Campsite

Grindavik is one of the Iceland campsites with showers that prides itself on providing endless hot water to visitors. They also provide a nice, warm kitchen/dining area, as well as a big playground for the kids. It’s very close to Keflavik Airport and the Blue Lagoon. It is also within a short driving distance from all the attractions on the Reykjanes Peninsula, making it a good base for exploring the area. Plus, it's one of the campsites in Iceland that is open all year round.

Furthermore, it is ISK 2,000 per person per night to stay there, and you’ll have to pay an extra ISK 1,200 for electricity, and ISK 700 for washing your clothes or using the dryer.

campgrounds near Reykjavik

4. Egilstadir Campsite

Among the best campgrounds in Iceland in the eastern part is Egilstadir campsite. It is open all year round, regardless of weather, and is marketed as “Possibly the happiest campsite in Iceland”.

This is likely not far from the truth since adults will pay ISK 2,000 and have Wi-Fi, warm showers, a kitchen, and a dining area included. Kids will have full access to a great playground, and you will be able to rent bikes there to explore the surroundings. The washer and dryer are ISK 800 each, but you get detergent, and you can get electricity for 24 hours for ISK 1,000.

The nature around Egilstadir is nothing short of amazing! And it’s not far from a 5-century-old monastery as well as several waterfalls, and some of the very few Icelandic reindeer.

Best campgrounds in Iceland

5. Breidavik Campsite

Going from east to west, we can’t forget one of the best campgrounds in Iceland: Breidavik campsite. If you are a person who enjoys peculiar birds, high cliffs, and hiking, this little hideaway in the Westfjords is a must. Not far from Latrabjarg cliffs, you can easily take a hike (pun intended) to see an amazingly large colony of Puffin birds. They often get up close and personal with the tourists!

Among all the Iceland campsites, Breidavik is one of the camps we appreciate the most. For ISK 2,400 a night, you will get full access to a kitchen area, washing machine, Wi-Fi, electricity, WC, and most important of all: hot showers. You can even buy a full breakfast and go to the restaurant if you’re not in the mood to cook for yourself. Adults can get breakfast for ISK 2,500 and the kids eat for half the price, but at least they stay for free!

Iceland campsites guide

6. Lake Mývatn Vogar Campsite

In the northern part of the island, we find Iceland campsites that reflect the calm atmosphere of the area. At Vogar Campsite, you can pitch your tent not far from Lake Myvatn. Here you will pay ISK 2,000 per night, but also have to add on ISK 500 if you pitch a tent or ISK 1,500 if you park your motorhome rental. You will have full access to an indoor kitchen (and dining area), free Wi-Fi, and hot showers. You can also add electricity for ISK 500 per day.

Best campgrounds in Iceland: vogar

7. Asbyrgi Campsite

Another of the northern Iceland campsites is in the national park in Asbyrgi. For each site, there is an ISK 250 fee, but the pricing for adults (+18) and children (13-17) are ISK 1,250 and ISK 700 respectively. Electricity can be added for an extra ISK 1,000 per night. This is quite a large camping ground, so it pays off to have a proper look at the campsite map while you register your camping spot online.

Guests will enjoy free Wi-Fi close to the main building at Asbyrgi campsite, as well as WC, dishwashing spots, and nice playgrounds. Showers, washing, and drying are all coin-operated, so keep that in mind before you pitch your tent or park your campervan. The site is also only open during the summer since the snowfall in the winter is simply too heavy to accommodate campers.

Best campsites in Iceland

Explore the Best Campsites in Iceland with a Campervan

Now you know the basics of camping, where to go, and what to expect. To take your camping to the next level, you can have a look at the available camper vans. With these, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of pitching a tent, you will sleep on a comfortable bed, and enjoy the extra luxury that comes with a campervan.


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