Iceland Speed Limit and other Road Safety Tips

Ah the open road! There is nothing better than a road trip for taking you out of the ordinary. Driving can really connect you with the land that you are passing through. You get to see the scenery change, get to know the distances, the contours and the place names (good luck with that in Iceland!). Driving in Iceland gives you the freedom to stop where and when you like and to take your own sweet time. With its low population and incredible scenery Iceland is definitely one of the best places in the world for a road trip.

There are a few things to keep in mind though. Iceland is no ordinary country and it comes with its own set of quirks and peculiarities. In this article we take a good look at the basic rules of the road in Iceland. We will find out about the speed limit in the different areas, road surfaces and driving laws. We will also explore some of the potential hazards that you might be presented with when driving in Iceland. Whether you choose to rent a car or hire a motorhome the same rules will apply. Driving through Iceland will be awesome so with this article we want to make sure that you can make the very best of it.

A dramatic road winds around a headland between the ocean and a steep grassy slope. Iceland speed limit.

Iceland speed limit

So let’s start with the basics - the Iceland speed limit. This might sound like a simple law to follow but this is where a lot of people can slip up. Picture this. You’re in a shiny new rental camper or car, the road is clear, the scenery out of this world and you get a little carried away and ease your foot down on the accelerator. Easily done. But please don’t! For one the speeding fine in Iceland will really put you off. A ticket can set you back as much as US $800 and will be at leastUS $200 depending on how fast you were going and where. Speed cameras are often not easy to spot either so you won’t know until later if you’ve been flashed.

So it really is a good idea to keep your eyes out for signs and stick well within the speed limit. Both for the sake of safety and for the sake of your bank balance! Here are the general speed limits on Iceland’s roads.

Towns, cities and urban area speed limit 50km/h (under 30mph)

Rural paved roads speed limit 90km/h (under 55mph)

Rural gravel roads speed limit 80km/h (under 49mph)

These speed limits are meant as a general guide, but may change a little in certain areas. If for example you are approaching a change in road surface, a single lane bridge or a steep incline. There will always be really clear speed limit signs to let you know in plenty of time though. So keep your eyes open and all will be well.