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The Somewhat Chilly Guide to Weather in Iceland in September

Updated: Apr 12

The weather in Iceland in September can be unpleasant if you’re not prepared for it. With the right combination of clothing, though, you can have a great time. Just remember to leave the umbrella at home, unless you are aiming to make it a cordless kite.

What do you do when the Land of Fire and Ice starts to transition from fire to ice? It’s hard to deal with volatile weather. Luckily, Icelanders have a black belt in handling the weather as well as knitting the warmest sweaters in the world. Check out our article to see what to expect from the weather in Iceland in September.

Weather in Iceland in September

September Winds and Rain

September is the end of summer, and it clearly shows all over Iceland. As the winds pick up, the rain comes down, and the little summer warmth that Iceland has begins to disappear. The weather in Iceland in September is characterized by the general idea of how Icelanders view their weather and climate. The ancient saying “You can experience all four seasons in a day” will make a whole lot of sense during this month.

The weather in September in Iceland can still be pleasant in the beginning, but that is often over before you have time to unbutton your jacket. The truth is that September is a transition month between the calm summer and volatile winter. And know that there is nothing “smooth” about the transition that Iceland has during the fall. Expect rain and the emergence of the infamous Icelandic winds that will make any umbrella redundant.

The Reykjavík weather in September will be extra windy since it’s a coastal city, so be weary if you rent a motorhome. The buildings will often shield you from the wind, but other times they might funnel the winds between the buildings and make them stronger.

September Temperature

There is a reason why Icelanders are well known for their knitted wool sweaters. September is one of the sweater weather months. Depending on where you’re from, if you look at the weather and climate of Iceland, every month might be sweater weather month.

The temperature in Iceland in September can vary between 5°C and roughly 12°C. This is, however, not accounting for how cold it can get with the arctic wind sweeping. Neither when the sun making a surprise appearance and pumping up the temperatures a few degrees for a few minutes. The Iceland temperature in September is therefore not to be trusted to keep any sort of stability.

Even though the average temperature in Iceland in September is impossible to determine, the capital might offer some relief. If you are staying in the capital, you might get the warmer part of the deal since you are often a little bit shielded from the elements. The temperature in Reykjavík in September can therefore be a degree or two higher than in many parts of the rest of the country.

Temperature in Iceland in September

September Packing List

Even though it’s impossible to nail down exactly what the Iceland temperature in September will be, packing isn’t as hard as you might think. There are plenty of things to do in the fall in Iceland, so check out our list below for our best packing tips for the weather in Iceland in September.

  • Waterproof rain jacket

  • Waterproof shoes

  • Waterproof pants (if you want to be outside for an extended period of time)

  • Thermal clothing

  • Light clothes that breathe

  • Warm socks

  • Long underpants

  • Warm pajamas

September is Still Campervan Weather!

The weather in Iceland in September is still good enough to tour the country in a campervan, which is good news for visitors on a budget. This is why we recommend that you choose the campervan that best suits you and the season before heading out into the volatile fall weather.

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