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Trollaskagi - The Peninsula of the Trolls

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Iceland is a land of wild nature mixed with a pinch of magic. Its landscapes are so unusual that they sometimes remind us of those places of a fairytale. Today, we will enter some magical lands, whose mere name bring memories of mythology and past stories. Welcome to the Trollaskagi Peninsula.

Maybe its name, as it is written in Iceland, does not ring any bell to you. But its translation is "Peninsula of the trolls." The peninsula, located in the north of Iceland, is a place full of mountains, deep valleys, and even glaciers. It is not exactly a remote or difficult area to access, but its exuberant beauty and history make it the ideal place for a getaway in Iceland.

Trollaskagi peninsula landscape

The Trollaskagi Peninsula

The Trollaskagi Peninsula is located in the north of Iceland, between the fjords of Eyjafjörður and Skagafjörður. Its landscape is very different from the other regions of the island. It currently lacks recent volcanic activity, and it has a glacial and alpine. After the deglaciation, beautiful fjords, valleys, and peaks that were formed over the years came to light.

For this peculiar orography makes the peninsula famous today. Its rugged landscapes are the perfect setting for the best ski slopes in the country. For those who love road trips, skirting the fjords and visiting the main cities in your 4x4 Iceland camper rental is a highly recommended option. The views will amaze you! Shall we know a little more about this area?

What to visit in the Trollaskagi Peninsula?

Aside from the scenic beauty, the peninsula is full of small towns with all the full Icelandic charm. We are going to start our route from right to left, from east to west. That is, we will leave Akureyri, the capital of the north of Iceland, and we will enter this magical region were trolls abide.


This will be our first stop, and we will start by filling our tummy, we wouldn't want it in any other way! If you are a seafood lover, you can try salted cod, haddock, and even shark. The latter is very typical of the traditional Icelandic culinary culture. Do you dare?

If it is too challenging for you, you can always go whale watching in the area.


With a population of around 1,400, Dalvik is the ideal example of small Icelandic harbor towns. This small municipality, whose name means "bay of the valley," is the perfect stop for those who love the Icelandic culture, skiing and snowboarding.

This small village is located on the Mount Böggvisstaðafjall; its slopes are home to the best ski slopes in the country. The ski resort has about 5 km of slopes with more than 1200 meters of lighted tracks for both experts and beginners. The best thing is that the facilities are so close to the center of the town that you can walk directly there.

Dalvik main church in the city center

If these sports are not your thing, do not worry, you can also opt for other outdoor activities. Among them, bird watching! The best time for this activity is between May and June. You can also enjoy impressive whales. Orcas, dolphins, and other species often return to these shores to feed and mate.


Let's continue our journey. We skirt the fjords until we reach the beautiful town of Siglufjörður, which is considered the northernmost village in Iceland. It is a cozy and typical fishing village, where the main product was and is herring. Its fishing industry became so successful that the town became one of the most populated in Iceland.

With the creation of a new access road, visitors can visit the village throughout the year. Its population of about 1,000 is friendly, open, and helpful. Here you also have lovely ski slopes. In July, there is usually a cultural festival with folk music competitions.

Don't forget to visit the herring museum, the folk music center, or the Saga photography museum. All of this while overlooking at the arctic ocean.


We continue our route west on Highway 76, which in this case, will take us to Hofsos. One of the oldest trading towns in North Iceland. It is approximately an hour and a half trip from Akureyri.

One of the great attractions of Hofsos is its municipal swimming pool. It is located on the edge of a cliff looking towards the fjord. The views are spectacular. The pool itself has nothing to do with the Blue Lagoon; it is like a regular pool. The added value is the incredible landscape that surrounds it, with a feeling of an infinity pool. The photos that can be taken here are impressive. If you are an Instagram lover, it is a site that you should not miss.

Hofsos infinity pool with views to the fjord

Nearby, you have the basalt columns to which you can go for a pleasant walk. They will remind you of those you have seen in southern Iceland in areas like Reyjnisfjara. The aesthetic is very worthy of Game of Thrones.

Hotels in the Trollaskagi peninsula

In all the towns we mentioned you have different accommodation options. The usual thing to do is to spend the first night in Akureyri, and from there, you can start your route through the Trollaskagi peninsula. Now, if you want to spend a few extra days here, we recommend you stay in Siglufjörður, it is a beautiful town and highly recommended:

Scandinavian aesthetic hotel located in the middle of the fjord, it has lovely views. The rooms are modern and cozy. The service is highly rated on platforms such as Booking. It has bars and restaurants where you can spend a pleasant evening.

If you are looking for something lower in price, then this is the option to go. This guesthouse is run by a family and is only 100 meters from the main street of the town. Surrounded by the fjord, many of its rooms have ideal views. The decor has a vintage feel that many travelers love. Its owners are attentive, friendly, and welcoming.

siglufjordur port in the Trollaskagi peninsula

The Trollaskagi Peninsula

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit the north of Iceland and also have plenty of time, this area is something you should not miss, it is a jaw-dropping place to visit in Iceland.

Whether you do the route on your rental campervan in Iceland in the same proposed direction, or the other way around, you will not regret it. As soon as you drive on its great roads with relaxing, unique, and ideal views, you will discover why you had to come here.

In these small towns, the most magical essence of the traditional side of Iceland is kept. If you are a culture lover, looking for something local mixed with the typical Icelandic landscapes that will take your breath away, don't think twice, and visit this peninsula.


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