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Your Guide to Svinafellsjökull Glacier in Iceland

Updated: 3 days ago

Breathtaking glaciers are part and partial of the infamous Land of Fire and Ice. Visitors come from far and wide to get a closer look at these magnificent natural wonders and take advantage of all the activities they bring with them. One of these glaciers is Svinafellsjökull.

In this article, we tell you everything there is to know about Svinafellsjökull Glacier and why you should consider adding it to your trip itinerary.


What is Svinafellsjökull?

As you’ve probably already gathered, Svinafellsjökull is one of the glaciers in Iceland. But it’s not just any glacier, it’s one of 30 glacier tongues coming from the biggest glacier in Europe; Vatnajökull Glacier. Today, visitors flock to Svinafellsjökull to do a Svinafellsjökull glacier hike and admire the breathtaking views.

If the glacier looks familiar to you, it’s because Svinafellsjökull’s star quality has landed it on many a movie and TV screen. Svinafellsjökull can be seen in movies such as Interstellar and Batman and was featured in season 7 of the famous series, Game of Thrones.

Where is Svinafellsjökull in Iceland?

Svinafellsjökull Glacier can be found in southeast Iceland in Skaftafell National Park (now part of the bigger Vatnajökull National Park). Since it’s conveniently located off a main road and one of our popular road trip routes here on the island, the Ring Road, many opt to include Svinafellsjökull as a stop along the way. Since it’s more than 4 hours away from Reykjavík, we don’t recommend that you attempt it as a day outing from the capital city.

svínafellsjökull iceland

How to Get to Svinafellsjökull in Iceland

There are a couple of ways to get to Svinafellsjökull in Iceland:

As Part of a Guided Tour

Many guided tours here on the island include Svinafellsjökull. Some may offer dedicated activity tours such as glacier hiking, whilst others may include it in a combo package that includes various local attractions.

As Part of a Self-drive

This will always be our preferred method to explore the island. If you start your journey from Reykjavík, you simply have to get onto Route 49 and turn off onto Route 1 (aka the Ring Road). You will literally drive straight on this road for about 4 hours till you turn left on Route 998. After about 2.5 kilometers or 10 minutes, you will reach your destination.

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Things to do at Svinafellsjökull and Surroundings

As part of the biggest national park in Iceland, you will find plenty of interesting things to see and do at Svinafellsjökull. These include:

  • Hiking on the glacier (just remember that this can only be done via guided tour due to safety concerns)

  • Exploring the ice caves

  • Stopping by Hofskirkja Trufh Church

Where to Stay Near Svinafellsjökull

You will find plenty of accommodation options to suit your preferences and your pocket, but we highly recommend that you give Hotel Skaftafell or Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon a try if you enjoy a bit of luxury. If you would like to go the budget-friendly route whilst still having all your creature comforts, we recommend that you rent a campervan in Reykjavík and book a spot at the Skaftafell Campground.

svínafellsjökull glacier hike

Svinafellsjökull; a Glacier of Opportunity

At Svinafellsjökull you will not only be greeted by incredible landscapes, but you will also enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as exploring the bright blue ice caves, hiking across the frozen mass, or even taking a helicopter flight and getting an eagle’s eye view of the glacier below.

So, get a camper and add Svinafellsjökull as a stop on your Ring Road road trip adventure.



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