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Strokkur Geyser; the (Very Active) Sibling of the OG Geyser

Many who visit Iceland plan on stopping at Geysir, the very first geyser to be discovered and the very reason we refer to them as geysers in the first place. But as impressive as it is to see such a meaningful site, it’s the sibling, Strokkur Geyser, just a short walk away, that will truly take your breath away.

Whilst Geysir has essentially become dormant, Strokkur works overtime, making for spectacular water displays. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this incredible natural wonder and why it must be included on your Iceland itinerary.

strokkur geyser

How often does Strokkur erupt?

Strokkur Geyser's eruption frequency is typically every 4 to 10 minutes. Occasionally, intervals may extend up to 15 minutes. The intensity of eruptions varies, with some being more powerful than others, offering a unique spectacle each time.

What Makes Strokkur So Impressive?

Strokkur’s eruptions also vary in height, between 10 to 40 meters, completely overshadowing its sibling, Geysir, which only ever reached a maximum of 30 meters. It might be hard to believe, but Strokkur used to boast even higher eruptions at a staggering 60 meters during the 1800s.

Is Strokkur Safe?

Yes, as long as you adhere to the rules and guidelines, it’s perfectly safe to visit Strokkur. It’s important to always remember that you’re dealing with boiling water at Strokkur. At 23 meters down its shaft, the water is 130 degrees Celsius.

By the time it explodes up into the air, it’s still a scolding 90 degrees Celsius. That’s why you always need to keep a safe distance and also take note of the wind so it doesn’t blow all that boiling hot water in your direction.

strokkur geyser safety

Where is Strokkur in Iceland?

Strokkur can be found in the southwest of Iceland in the Geysir Geothermal Area in the Haukadalur Valley. Strokkur Geyser’s location is ideal for those with limited time on the island or those sticking to the capital city since it’s just 80 kilometers from Reykjavik. But Strokkur is also located conveniently close to our popular Golden Circle route, making it the perfect stop along a road trip.

How to Get to Strokkur in Iceland

There are essentially two ways of visiting Strokkur:

Via a Tour

We have many tour operators and guides here on the island who will take you to Strokkur via one of their existing tour packages or a customized private tour. We just advise you to book your spot well in advance if you plan on visiting during our busy summer season, as tours book out fast.

Via a Self-drive

This is probably the best way of exploring the island, and driving to Strokkur is pretty easy. Simply head north on our famous Route 1. Take Road 36 towards Laugarvatn after Lagafell, and after that, you take Road 37 toward Stekka until you reach Muli. Here, you will find that Road 37 becomes Road 35. Continue till you see the sign to Haukadalur Valley.

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How Much Does it Cost to Visit Strokkur?

Visiting Strokkur is free of charge. There are no entrance or parking fees to go and check out this natural wonder.

The Strange History of Strokkur

Looking at Strokkur today, it’s hard to believe that this geyser nearly completely stopped erupting once. While eruptions were up to 60 meters during the early 1800s, eruptions became less and less by 1830. This was when people decided to take matters into their own hands and started throwing stones and turf into the geyser to trigger an eruption.

This did not work at all but merely gave Strokkur’s eruptions a dusty red hue whenever eruptions did occur. In the 20th century, an earthquake completely blocked Strokker’s conduit, abruptly ending its already decreasing eruptions. But this changed in 1963 when locals decided to clean out the channel. This seemed to have wholly revitalized Strokkur since it has erupted non-stop ever since.

Not Repeating Old Patterns

After such a close call with Strokkur and having had its sibling, Geysir, essentially become dormant because of soap having been pumped into its vents (ironically, for more dramatic eruptions), the Icelanders aren’t planning on repeating old patterns and making the same devastating environmental mistakes.

That’s why Strokkur is protected as much as possible, and any transgressions will not be tolerated. In recent years, a local artist poured food coloring dye into Strokkur so it could result in pink eruptions. Even though the dye was 100% natural, meddling with our local natural wonders is an absolute no-go now. The artist was arrested, heavily fined, and almost entirely ostracized by the enraged community.

strokkur geyser location

Where to Stay Near Strokkur

With so much to see and do, it’s advisable to stay over for a night or two so you can explore the area and all it has to offer properly. You will find an accommodation to suit all preferences and any pocket. From Hotel Geysir and Geysir Cottage to Hotel Ranga and Uggi Guesthouse – you will find something that suits your needs and requirements best.

Is Visiting Strokkur Worth It?

We don’t know in what world one would not like to see liters of boiling water shooting meters up into the air. Especially not when it’s just a short walk away from the origin story of all geysers. Who doesn’t like a bit of history combined with the impressive sight of a natural wonder?

If you plan to make Strokkur a stop along your Golden Circle road trip, you can level up on your Iceland adventure and rent a campervan in Reykjavik. That way, you’ll take care of your accommodation and transport and add to the many fun and unique experiences you will have here on the island.



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