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The Quaint Town of Seydisfjördur; Any Traveler’s Dream

Seydisfjördur is probably one of the most picturesque towns here in Iceland. It can be found in East Iceland, nestled against, you guessed it, the Seydisfjördur Fjord. The town offers spectacular views, and you’ll find plenty of interesting things to see and do here. The town is the perfect blend of embracing one’s history as well as taking on a modern vibe.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Seydisfjördur and why a trip to Iceland is not complete without having stopped at this beautiful little town.


Quick Facts About Seydisfjördur

  • Seydisfjördur has a population of roughly 647 people.

  • The size of Seydisfjördur is roughly 213 square kilometers.

  • Seydisfjördur is where one of the most famous ferries traveling to the Faroe Islands, Norway, and Denmark departs from. It is called the Smyril Line.

  • One of the most infamous spots in Seydisfjördur (and one you’ve probably seen on someone’s social accounts before) is Rainbow Street. Rainbow Street is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a street painted in vibrant rainbow colors. It was created for the Gay Pride Parade one year, and people loved it so much that the feature stayed.

  • Seydisfjördur boasts its own locally crafted beer called El Grillo.

  • You’ve probably already seen Seydisfjördur without even knowing. This little town has been featured in international movies such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

How to Get to Seydisfjördur in Iceland

There are numerous ways that one can get to Seydisfjördur:

By Catching a Bus

You can catch a bus that goes to Seydisfjördur from the capital city of Reykjavík. You can do the trip in one go of 14 hours, or you can get off at one of the stops along the way, and simply get back on the next day to continue your journey.

By Going on a Tour

There are plenty of tours here on the island that have Seydisfjördur as a destination. Some are day trips, others combo tours, or even multi-day holiday tours that include numerous local attractions, including Seydisfjördur. You can also choose between a private tour or a group tour. What suits you best will remain up to you.

By Driving Yourself

This will always be the best option in our opinion, and it’s super easy to drive to Seydisfjördur. Simply make a Ring Road road trip out of it and add Seydisfjördur as a stop along the way (it’s just 27 kilometers off the main road).

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Things to Do in Seydisfjördur

It will be impossible for us to name all the interesting things to do and see in Seydisfjördur, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect:

The Blue Church

The Blue Church has become somewhat of a mascot for Seydisfjördur. If you follow Rainbow Street, it will lead you straight to the church’s door.

seydisfjordur iceland

Seydisfjördur Swimming Hall

At Seydisfjördur Swimming Hall you can look forward to indoor swimming, and you’ll have your pick of pools. You can either swim in the big pool or one of the hot tubs. You can also spend some time in the sauna. Just take note that operating hours change according to season.

Skaftafell Art Center

Skaftafell Art Center is a favorite hangout spot, and it boasts quite a renowned residency program for both local and international artists. That’s also why it’s no surprise that the art in the gallery will blow your mind.

Boat Rides on the Fjord

You will find a wide variety of boat rides that will take you out on the fjord. These include boat tours that focus on the Vikings, bird-watching tours, and leisure tours that just cruise around Seydisfjördur.

Is Seydisfjördur in Iceland Worth Visiting?

No trip to Iceland is complete without a stop at Seydisfjördur and the almost mandatory selfie on Rainbow Street. Rent a campervan in Reykjavík once you’ve arrived on the island and start your Ring Road road trip – we promise that Seydisfjördur will definitely be a highlight along the way.



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