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A List of the Best RV Gadgets and Accessories

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Van life and van vacationing are on the rise and with that, luckily, all sorts of wonderful new RV gadgets and gizmos to make our lives easier. Do you have a camper that you want to kit out, or are you planning an upcoming RV trip and want to be prepared? This is the article for you.

We will reveal all the latest and greatest camper gadgets that are highly recommended and tell you where to get them.

RV gadgets

RV Hose Support

Whether it is for sewer pipes or water pipes, we can’t imagine going anywhere without RV hose support. There is nothing worse than tangling and untangling pipes and hoses. They always seem to suddenly have a life of their own, crawling on the ground the moment they’re “released”.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s sopping wet and the ground is muddy. Nor if it’s dry and the ground is in pretty good condition. You always end up having to, ironically, hose off your dirty hose. An RV Hose Support manages pipes and hoses with no effort, and the cleaning process isn’t nearly as extensive.

Camper gadgets

RV Surge Protector and Circuit Analyzer

It’s impossible to know everything about the connection you’re connecting your camper to as you travel. So, the RV Surge Protector and Circuit Analyzer is one of the most helpful motorhome gadgets out there.

It is especially crucial if you are working remotely. And in situations where protecting your connected devices such as laptops and mobile phones are of the utmost importance. A sudden power surge can destroy your livelihood within seconds. And faulty wiring and bad connections can be diagnosed even before plugging in.

RV surge protector

RV Leveling Kit

If you’ve ever slept in an RV where it felt like the rolling around you did in your sleep was involuntary, you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. It’s impossible to camp on level ground with your camper.

Even if the stand is cemented, you know you’ll hit an uneven patch somewhere. The rougher the terrain gets, the worse the leveling situation becomes. Cue the RV Leveling Kit. With these babies, it honestly doesn’t matter how uneven the ground beneath the camper is, ‘coz you’ll just fix it yourself.

RV leveling kit

Mobile WiFi HotSpot

The WiFi Hotspot will depend on the country you’re visiting. In some countries, you might need to purchase one of the local WiFi Hotspot devices. In other circumstances, you might be able to tether via your mobile phone. But whatever you end up doing, having a Mobile WiFi Hotspot is always beneficial, especially if you’re working remotely.

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, you’ll always find that one spot where the connection drops. In Iceland, our magnificent landscape is sometimes the culprit (mountains, volcanos, etc.), blocking the signal. But in other parts, you’ll sometimes almost inexplicably find that one camping spot will have full WiFi whilst the very next spot barely has any. A WiFi Hotspot will ensure that you don’t have to rely on external parties for your WiFi.

10 must have RV gadgets

Signal Booster

Remember what we just said about connectivity and signal dropping? Well, sometimes having your own WiFi hotspot won’t be enough, and you’ll need a little extra boost. But, in general, a signal booster is one of the 10 must-have RV gadgets. It really could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

Those of us who enjoy going on adventures with our campers and motorhomes, often find ourselves in more remote parts of the country. But in the more remote parts of the country, you’ll often struggle to find proper service on your mobile phone. If an emergency strikes, whether anything from a camper breakdown to a medical emergency, you’re in big trouble. A Signal Booster might give you just enough of a boost to be able to reach out for help.

Motorhome gadget

A Small Foldable Table

RVs and campers have certain space restrictions. That’s why one or two small foldable tables are some of the best RV gadgets you can have. Need a little extra countertop space? Take out your foldable table. Want to have a nice little table to “dine” at? Take out your foldable table.

Want to have some drinks outside? Take out your foldable table. The scenarios where this has been an absolute godsend are legion. A definite must-have if you sometimes want the benefits of extra “stuff” without sacrificing space.

Motorhome foldable table

Foldable Dish Rack and Microfiber Drying Mat

The Foldable Dish Rack and Microfiber Drying Mat is one of the coolest RV gadgets we’ve found and another excellent space-saving hack. The microfiber drying mat ensures that you’re not left with packing away moisture that leads to other problems down the line. And the fact that you no longer need to squeeze in a dish rack that’s forever in the way in a camper is revolutionary. Now it’s just wash, dry, and pack away.

RV kitchen utensils

Double Bar for the Fridge

At the beginning of our camper adventures, we got extremely tired of things moving around. They ended up breaking and spilling inside the fridge when driving. And if we’re lucky enough not to have any “casualties” caused by driving, you end up almost being attacked by your produce the moment you open the door.

So, when we found the Double Bar for the Fridge, it completely changed everything. It doesn’t even take 5 seconds to install, and it keeps everything in place whilst moving. It also stops items from falling out once opening the fridge when you’re at a standstill. It’s definitely one of the must-have RV gadgets in our opinion.

best RV accessories

Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs are absolute essentials when it comes to camper gadgets. These space-saving furniture items serve multi-purposes. They pretty nifty for when you go and visit the neighbor or attend an event. Still, they can also become a “patio lounge set” or a quick extra dining seat inside the camper that can quickly be packed away again afterward. Get at least one for every member of the family and have an extra for a guest.

cool RV gadgets

Electric Mini-dehumidifier

Ask any real estate agent or mechanic what happens when moisture creeps in, and they’ll all recoil with countless tales of disaster. Homes and mechanical parts should not be exposed to moisture long term. It will inevitably lead to breakdowns, structural damage, and some pretty serious health scares.

And in a camper, moisture is something you often need to deal with, especially if you’re planning on visiting us here on the island. Having an Electric Mini-dehumidifier will take care of this problem without taking up too much space.

Best RV gizmos

The World is Your Oyster When it Comes to RV Gadgets

In this article, we have only mentioned some of the gadgets that we’ve found particularly useful. But there is a myriad more out there just waiting for you to try and test it. Things like collapsible ottomans, peel-and-stick tiles, slide-out corner guards, and a propane fire pit. In our experience, diving down the RV gadgets rabbit hole is something your credit card might not survive. There are far too many cool RV gadgets and gizmos out there...

If you do not already have an RV, we always recommend renting an RV and taking a few trips first. This way, you’ll quickly figure out what some of the things you need are and where you could use a bit of help. With space being so limited, you don’t want to stockpile gadgets that are very helpful in theory, but that you never use. But a bit of mindful shopping will definitely make vanlife much easier.


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