Must Have RV Gadgets and Accessories for a Perfect Trip to Iceland

Updated: Aug 10

Exploring Iceland by RV is an amazing experience and one that will likely be in the planning for a while. There is much to consider when plotting an adventure of this kind. From where to go and when, to what to bring and why? In this article, we take a closer look at the latter, covering a wide range of must-have RV gadgets and accessories.

RV gadgets and accesories

Packing for your trip requires both foresight and organization. But at the same time, you can only fit so much paraphernalia into one RV. Even if you opt for the biggest and best motorhome on the market, there is still a limit on space. So in this article, we are unpacking the problem for you.

We will explore a wide range of must-have RV accessories and gadgets to suit your travel style. From the techie to the supremely practical to the fun and frivolous, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be looking at

  • Battery power inverters

  • Portable Wi-Fi Modems

  • Eating and drinking tips and gadgets

  • First Aid kits

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Clothing and gear

  • Some fun camping gizmos to enhance your trip

The essential RV accessories

In this section, we will take a look at some practical RV accessories for a road trip in Iceland. Some items in the list could be provided free of charge by your motorhome rental company. Other items you could either bring with you or hire upon arrival.

There are many camping accessories and gear hire shops in Reykjavík. These shops offer all manner of RV supplies, either for rent or to buy. So if you’ve forgotten something, or you would rather not pack it, then you can conveniently rent it instead.

Vehicle battery power inverter

These are fantastic devices and pretty much essential if you are traveling in a group. Most likely, everyone will have multiple devices to charge on their travels. Be it smartphones for staying in touch, laptops, or digital cameras. These days, the vast majority of travel groups will want to charge up several electronic devices daily.

A battery power inverter allows you to do just that. It pulls its charge from your vehicle battery as it runs. You can then plug in and top up via USB whenever needed.

Power inverter for a RV trip

Portable WIFI Modem

This is another fantastic addition to your RV arsenal if you are traveling with a large group; especially if your crew likes to keep up with their social networks and news feeds. Iceland has pretty reliable Internet access and a portable modem allows you to access it efficiently 24/7.

Most modems will usually create a hot spot, allowing up to ten users to surf the Internet at the same time. For the majority of groups driving in Iceland, this will be an essential piece of kit.

Portable WIFI dongle

Thermos flasks and reusable water bottles

Whether you are planning on long hikes or just some light walking, staying hydrated is important. Instead of buying expensive and bulky bottled water in Iceland, you should simply top up from the tap. Iceland's water is among the purest and most delicious tap water in the world. So bringing ample reusable bottles is recommended.

This is both for environmental reasons and budget considerations. Thermos flasks are great for taking hot tea or coffee with you on your hikes. Nothing warms up chilly walkers like a steaming cup of cha after all.

A reusable, metal water bottle for camping in Iceland

First Aid Kit for minor ills

You should always come prepared for a few minor ills on your trip. Having some basics to deal with scrapes, colds, or stomach upsets is a good idea. Bring plasters and painkillers with you as a matter of course, just in case.

Of course, if you have any special medication that you need to take regularly, then you should pack that too. If you forget your basics, then first Aid Kits are available for hire in the camping shops in Reykjavík.

Basic first aid kit

Nice-to-have RV gadgets

The following might not be considered essential as such. But they are most definitely either very useful or pleasingly trip-enhancing if you’re camping in Iceland.

A portable coffee maker

For some people, enjoying a morning coffee is essential. And for some, a cup of instant granules just won’t cut it! If you are partial to a decent cuppa, then you might well like to bring your own coffee maker with you. Stovetop aluminum percolators work well as they are light and resistant to bumps in transit.

It is also really easy and not too expensive to hire a large glass percolator in Iceland. Perhaps better if you have lots of coffee heads in your group. Note that ground coffee is quite pricey to buy in Iceland. So you might like to bring your favorite blend with you from home.

Italian coffee pot on a portable stove

Instant Pot for versatile cooking

This is a super useful cooking gadget if you have lots of mouths to feed. If you are hitting Iceland for a long adventure with a big group, then this could be great. Note that it is quite bulky to carry in your luggage, though.

The Instant Pot is a multifunctional cooker. It can be used as a slow cooker a steamer a rice cooker or a pressure cooker. It means that you can put together some excellent meals much more quickly and easily while you’re on the road.

Pop in a casserole in the morning, then head off for a day hike. By the time you come home, your dinner will smell delicious and be ready for you to tuck into. Cooking for your crew will be a real money saver on your trip and essential in some locations.

Quick-dry towels

We now class these quick-dry microfiber towels as essential items for RV travel. They are light and compact, rolling up into their own carry cases in your luggage. But best of all, they dry off really quickly without being on a washing line or in a tumble dryer.

Grey, quick-dry towel

Regular bath towels can stay damp for days and are not the nicest to use in that condition. The damp cloth can also increase condensation in your cab. Microfiber dries out swiftly, leaving your towels ready for their next outing.

Crampons for your winter boots

If you are visiting Iceland in the winter months and are planning on hiking, crampons are very helpful. If you end up hiking across the icy and snowy terrain, they can save quite a bit of slipping and sliding and possibly worse. For glacier hiking, you will definitely need crampons. Again, you can hire these in gear shops or at ice hiking centers.

Crampons for hiking on glaciers in Iceland

Bluetooth Speakers

For lots of road trippers, having tunes while you travel is an essential luxury. We all know how annoying a tiny mobile phone speaker can sound with no bass to tap along to. It is a problem easily solved, though. Simply pack your own portable Bluetooth speaker or hire one in a gear shop on arrival.

Portable bluetooth speaker by a cell phone

Unique RV accessories

From lo-fi classics to fine dining, here are a few of the most fun RV accessories that we’ve come across.

An RV outdoor mat or picnic blanket

These large fold-up mats are fantastic if you’re traveling with a young family. Waterproof on one side and soft and comfortable on the other. You can simply lay them down on the ground outside once you’re parked up.

woman laying on a camping mat in the outdoors

The kids can then be wrapped up to play and let off some steam. The adults can have some much-needed space and time to get on with cooking or tidying up the cab. Just don’t leave them out there too long!

Twinkling rope lights

Rope lights are simple things, but they can definitely cheer up your camping trip. Particularly so on stormy days or dark nights. A simple string of fairy lights will make your van much cozier and welcoming. They are also useful if the little ones in your group like to keep a light on at night.

String of twinkling lights hanging on an RV

Collapsible measuring cups

These are great if you’re planning on quite a bit of cooking, and you’re a stickler for following the recipe measurements. These useful scoops pack down almost flat and can enhance your cooking experience greatly.

While you are at it, why not pack a mini herb and spice kit with your favorite go-to flavors. It will save you spending out on pricey packs in Iceland that you aren’t going to get through anyway.

Collapsible measuring spoons

Space-saving gear hanger from

There are a lot of great camping devices out there on the market. And many of them work well in an RV environment too. The Utty is a super useful piece of kit and a real game-changer when it comes to storage space. It is basically a long, heavy-duty fabric rope with double hooks spaced along it.

The rope hooks onto the ceiling of your camper and provides a useful place to hang your gear. From damp towels and raincoats to rucksacks and boots. It helps you save on space and look after your equipment better. Gear will have the chance to dry out more quickly rather than being piled up on the floor. Simple and supremely practical!

Shatterproof wine glasses to keep things classy

If you like to quaff a glass or two and wouldn’t dream of sipping out of plastic, these are for you. Tritan wine glasses are actually similar to plastic, but they don’t look or feel like it. They are a high-quality BPA-free material that doesn’t cloud or shatter.

Plastic wine glass filled with champagne

While we’re talking wine, here’s another piece of advice. Buying alcohol in Iceland is expensive, especially when it comes to wine. So do make use of the Duty-Free shop after touching down at Keflavik International Airport.

We know that getting ready for a vacation is never easy, but we are sure this list of RV gadgets will definitely make your trip a breeze once there. To get your next Iceland vacation rolling, take a look at our RV rental options.


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