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Londrangar; The Geological Wonder of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The Land of Fire and Ice is well-known for its incredible landscapes and contrasting terrains that include a number of natural and geological wonders rarely found anywhere else on Earth. One of these geological wonders is Londrangar.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what Londrangar is, how it was created, what makes it so special, the legends surrounding it, as well as where to find it, and much, much more.

So if you’ve got an upcoming trip to the island, and you’re busy planning your itinerary, or you just want to learn more about this mysterious attraction, read on.


What Makes Londrangar So Special?

Londrangar is referred to as the ‘rocky castle’, and once you’ve visited the site, it’s easy to see why. Londrangar is two Basalt Cliffs that look more like pillars towering over the ocean. This indeed makes the Lóndrangar Basalt Cliffs look like a rocky castle.

One pillar of the rock formation is 75 meters high and the other 61 meters. Walking along the cliffs, admiring the strange rock formations, and taking advantage of one of the Londrangar viewpoints along the way, is a great way to spend the day.

Where is Londrangar in Iceland?

Londrangar can be found on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland, just east of Malariff. It’s also just 192 kilometers away from the capital city of Reykjavík, and located conveniently close to the popular road trip route the Ring Road.

Londrangar rock formations

How to Get to Londrangar

Although you will find some tours that include Londrangar as a destination, we highly recommend that you use your own transport and add Londrangar as a stop along a Ring Road road trip. Getting to Londrangar from the direction of Reykjavík is pretty easy, and will only take you about 2 hours in total.

Simply get onto the Ring Road and head towards Mosfellsbær. Go through the Hvalfjördur Tunnel towards Borgarnes. Then turn off onto Road 54 at Borgarnes. Continue driving for about an hour till you turn left towards Arnarstapi. After about 10 minutes, you should reach Londrangar.

Camper rental Iceland

The Legends Surrounding Londrangar

It is not by coincidence that the fields surrounding these cliffs are not used for gathering hay or farming. It is believed that the ‘rocky castle’ is home to elves and other mythological creatures. Invading on “their land” would have disastrous consequences, and therefore locals show great respect and care for the area. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot one of Londrangar’s little inhabitants.

Other Things to Do & See at Londrangar & Surrounds

Londrangar and its surroundings are a treasure trove of things to do and see. Here are a few other things you can look forward to in the area:

  • Bird Watching (Londrangar is also a favorite amongst the Puffins in Iceland, but please note that these guys can only be seen here during their breeding season from April to September).

  • Arnarstapi Village

  • Ytri Tunga Seal Colony

  • Bjarnarfoss Waterfall

  • Whale Watching (If you visit between May and September, you are almost guaranteed to see some whaling action from the cliffs).

  • Horse Riding tours exploring Londrangar & Surrounds

  • Raudfeldsgja Gorge

Arnastapi, Iceland

Making a Road Trip Out of the Londrangar Cliffs

With so much to see and do in the area, it only makes sense to spend some time exploring the area. That’s why we recommend renting a campervan in Reykjavík and going on a Ring Road road trip around the island, adding Londrangar as a stop along the way. This way you can take full advantage of everything that the ‘rocky castle’ and its surroundings have to offer.



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