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The 9 Top-rated Iceland Souvenirs

Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that not everyone will get to experience. But if you are one of the lucky few to make it to our shores, there are ways to bring a bit of Iceland back home to friends and family in the form of Iceland souvenirs.

It’s not always easy to know which Iceland gifts are the most authentic, which works best for specific age groups, and where to find high-quality items. In this article, we reveal all, so keep that credit card ready.

Top-rated Iceland Souvenirs

Some of the Best Souvenirs from Iceland

If you’re wondering what to buy in Iceland, use the list below to guide you in the right direction:

Icelandic Chocolate

This is one you can rarely go wrong with and is a suitable gift for almost all ages. We have a wide variety of flavors, ranging from the most common, such as milk chocolate and nuts, to tastes you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, such as our Icelandic licorice.

You’ll be able to find our authentic Icelandic chocolate in most grocery and convenience stores around the island. Still, if you’re ever in the capital city of Reykjavík, we recommend that you visit our award-winning chocolate factory called Omnom. Their chocolate is simply to die for!

Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka is the closest you’ll get to bottling Iceland in the form of liquor. The name can be misleading since most presume it’s manufactured in Reykjavik. It’s actually distilled in the beautiful little coastal town of Borgarnes, where you will find some of the cleanest air. Reyka Vodka is also made by filtering the purest Icelandic water through lava rocks.

Icelandic Lava Jewelry

This one’s especially for all the women in your life, although you will also find a few unique pieces for men. By using some of the distinctive elements that can be found around the island (such as lava rock), local artisans create impressive pieces with intricate designs and unique Nordic motifs.

Iceland jewlery

Puffin Plushies

Iceland is famous for its Puffins. In fact, we are credited with homing almost 60% of the world’s population. But although these little guys (and girls) can only be found during their breeding season between May and August, you’ll always be able to pick up an adorable Puffin plushie for the kiddos back home.

Puffin plushies

Icelandic Wool Sweaters, aka Lopapeysa

This is one of the souvenirs from Iceland that’s even a favorite tradition amongst locals. The entire process of making these sweaters is 100% local. The wool comes from our Icelandic sheep, the energy used to make these sweaters comes from our famous geothermal power plants where our hot spring water is used to generate electricity, and the patterns and designs used are also very unique to the island.

These sweaters are both pretty and practical, with them being the best way to keep the Icelandic cold at bay. If you want to add these to your Iceland souvenirs shopping list, you will have to budget for it, though, since they can get pretty pricey. You will find our Icelandic sweaters all across the island at souvenir shops and clothing stores, but one of the best places to pick up a few is in our infamous Laugavegur shopping street in Reykjavík.

Icelandic Wool Sweaters

Skincare Products

Our hot springs are not just to generate electricity or relax. For those who do not know, our hot springs have actual healing properties. This is because the water is extremely mineral-rich, and the mud contains things such as silica.

Today, you don’t have to visit one of our hot springs to benefit from these healing properties. You can buy some of our local skincare products made from the water and mud of the hot springs. One of our most popular ranges is the Blue Lagoon Skincare Products, which can be bought on-site at the Blue Lagoon hot spring.

Hand-carved Wooden Souvenirs

Iceland is a land of myths and legends, the origin country of the Viking warriors, and the playground of Nordic gods like Thor (he’s more than just a Marvel character). So, you can bet your bottom dollar that you end up with some pretty impressive and intriguing hand-crafted wooden Icelandic souvenirs here on the island. These can be found in most tourist and home décor shops throughout Iceland.

We do recommend, however, that you check any restrictions on wooden items in your country. Although we do our best to have it 100% prepped and prepared according to international custom standards, we don’t want you to be forced to hand over your hand-crafted treasure to an airport official.

Hand-carved Wooden Souvenirs

Icelandic Music

Yes, we know that most people prefer just to stream their music from platforms such as Spotify these days, but there’s something about vinyl records that just hits differently. And, if you’ve got a loved one that’s a music fan you’ve definitely chosen the right country for souvenirs.

Iceland is credited as one of the most creative nations in the world, and we have had some of the world’s biggest artists come from our small island. Artists like Sigur Ros, Of Monsters and Men, and Björk are all local Icelanders. Buying a vinyl record by a famous Icelandic musician or band in Iceland definitely makes for an exceptional Icelandic souvenir.

Icelandic Sheep

It’s not just New Zealand that’s famous for its sheep, and although we don’t endorse any attempts of smuggling an actual sheep across continents, we do recommend that you get some of our locally made Icelandic sheep souvenirs.

These souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for most age ranges. From cute little crochet sheep keychains to plushies – you’ll find all this and more amongst the many Reykjavík souvenirs that can be found on Laugavegur Street.

Icelandic Sheep

Iceland Souvenirs: A Legion of High-Quality Options

Whether you just want a keepsake to remember your trip by or bring a tiny piece of the island back home to loved ones, you will find plenty of Iceland souvenirs to pick from.

Using our list, you’ll find something authentically Icelandic to taste, wear, or cuddle up to back home. And while we usually recommend renting a campervan in Reykjavik to road trip around the island, with so many Iceland souvenirs to choose from, you might need one to store all your shopping.



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