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A Comprehensive Guide to Iceland's Sky Lagoon

Have you ever wondered what it's like to soak in a geothermal spa while surrounded by Iceland's breathtaking landscapes? Enter Sky Lagoon, a gem in Iceland that's not just about relaxation but an immersive experience into the heart of Icelandic nature and culture. 

Imagine unwinding in warm, inviting waters with panoramic views that look like they've been plucked right out of a postcard. But it's not just the views – Sky Lagoon offers a unique blend of modern luxuries and the raw, enchanting beauty of Iceland. 

And guess what? At Campervan Reykjavik, we're all about making these dreamy experiences easily accessible. So, ready to find out what makes a dip in Sky Lagoon an unforgettable part of any Icelandic adventure?

Iceland sky Lagoon

What Makes Sky Lagoon a Must-Visit Destination in Iceland?

Set dramatically on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Sky Lagoon's unique features are truly unmatched. Its stunning 70-meter (229-foot) infinity edge gives the illusion of blending with the ocean, letting you soak up not just therapeutic waters but also mesmerizing views. 

Sky Lagoon stands out among other Icelandic lagoons with its seven-step ritual, a unique wellness journey drawing on Icelandic traditions of hot-cold therapy, exfoliation, and relaxation. But what's even more impressive? 

The Sky Lagoon isn't just about the water. Its delightful culinary offerings and local Icelandic beers make every visit a full sensory experience. So, if you're plotting an Icelandic itinerary, do your senses a favor: don't miss a dip at Sky Lagoon.

What Is The Seven-Step Ritual Like?

The Seven-Step Ritual at Sky Lagoon is a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation inspired by Icelandic wellness traditions. Here's a glimpse into each step:

  • Step 1: Lagoon Relaxation: Begin by unwinding in the warm, serene waters of the lagoon, with stunning ocean views.

  • Step 2: Cold Plunge: Experience an invigorating cold dip inspired by traditional Icelandic practices.

  • Step 3: Sauna Bliss: Relax in the large sauna, offering panoramic ocean views.

  • Step 4: Cold Mist: Transition to a refreshing cold mist, enhancing blood circulation.

  • Step 5: Body Scrub: Apply Sky Lagoon's signature scrub for skin exfoliation.

  • Step 6: Steam Room: Enter the steam room, allowing the scrub to deeply hydrate your skin.

  • Step 7: Cleansing Shower: Conclude with a shower, washing off the scrub and feeling rejuvenated.

How Long Do You Need at Sky Lagoon?

For a complete experience, we recommend dedicating at least 1.5-2 hours for your visit. This should give you ample time to soak in the lagoon, experience the unique seven-step ritual, and even try some of their delightful local Icelandic cuisine

Here's a pro tip: Arriving early also helps you beat the crowds and have a more serene and immersive experience. This way, you get to enjoy each step without feeling like you're in a race. So, take your time, breathe in the fresh Icelandic air, and let the magic of the place work its wonders on you.

What Is The Sky Lagoon Temperature?

Temperature can make or break your Sky Lagoon experience. Thankfully, the Sky Lagoon temperature is engineered to ensure comfort throughout the year. On typical days, the water temperature ranges between a cozy 38-40°C (100-104°F)—just right for relaxing those tired muscles! 

Keep in mind that the lagoon isn't covered, so weather conditions may impact your immersive experience. During the winter, imagine snowflakes falling on your face while you're snug in the warm lagoon, creating an extraordinary contrast. 

On a sunny summer day, the radiant sunshine adds a golden hue to your leisurely soak. So, despite Iceland's varying weather, the Sky Lagoon temperature is consistently welcoming, offering a unique blend of natural charm and comfort.

Is Sky Lagoon Better in Day or Night?

Visiting the Sky Lagoon during the day is a visual treat, with unspoiled ocean views and the ethereal beauty of Iceland serving as your backdrop. However, the sun can sometimes play spoilsport, turning your relaxing dip into a squinty-eyed affair. 

Now, let's switch to the night. Imagine looking up from the warm lagoon to a canvas of twinkling stars or, better yet, the magical dance of the Northern Lights. That's right! Sky Lagoon can become a stage for this natural spectacle, making your visit especially unforgettable. But remember, the nighttime chill can be fierce, so don't forget your cozy robes!

What Are The Sky Lagoon Opening Hours?

The Sky Lagoon opening hours are thoughtfully arranged to ensure you have plenty of opportunities to experience this Icelandic wonder throughout the year. Here's a detailed breakdown: 

  • Summer (June 1 - August 31): Daily from 9 AM to 11 PM.

  • Spring (February 21 - May 31): Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 10 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM.

  • Winter (November 21 - February 20): Daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

  • Autumn (September 1 - October 31): Daily from 10 AM to 11 PM.

  • Seasonal Variations: Occasionally, the opening hours may vary on certain holidays and special occasions. Be sure to check their website for any updates before planning your visit.

Note: The lagoon area closes 30 minutes before the designated closing time, and the seven-step ritual and bar area closes 1 hour before the designated closing time. 

What Are The Sky Lagoon Prices?

Diving into Sky Lagoon's prices, you've got a range of options to match your spa daydreams:

  • Pure Lite Pass: The budget-friendly choice at 6,790 ISK (about $50). It's your basic entry pass, giving you access to the lagoon, the swim-up bar (drinks on you!), and public lockers and showers. Great for a dip without all the frills​​.

  • Pure Pass: Priced at 12,790 ISK (roughly $70), this one includes the full seven-step ritual and access to public changing facilities. It's for those wanting a bit more pampering​​.

  • Sky Pass: The crème de la crème of passes, costing 13,990 ISK (about $90). This premium option lets you enjoy the seven-step ritual, private changing facilities, and even a special Sky Lagoon lotion. If you're going all out, this is the one​​.

Note: Towels are included in every package. 

How Do You Get To The Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík?

Navigating Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík is easier than finding a hot spring in Iceland (which is saying something)! Here's how you can get there:

Campervan Rental 

  • For a unique twist, rent a campervan in Reykjavik. It's like having a cozy, mobile home to explore at your leisure.

  • Not only does it give you the freedom to drive to Sky Lagoon, but you can also check out other attractions on your own schedule.

  • Bonus: It's a wallet-friendly alternative to hotels, saving you some bucks for more adventures!

Public Bus

  • From Hlemmur Square, catch bus no. 4 to Hamraborg. It's a 15-minute ride.

  • Transfer to bus no. 35 to Hafnarbraut, which takes about 4 minutes.

  • Then, just a short stroll down Hafnarbraut, following the signs to Vesturvör and Sky Lagoon.

Walking or Biking

  • Start from Hlemmur Square and follow Rauðarárstígur for 5.9 km (3.6 mi).

  • Continue on Suðurhlíð towards Vesturvör.

  • The total distance is around 6 km (3.7 mi), roughly a 1.5-hour walk.


  • From Hlemmur square, zoom along Kringlumýrarbraut (Route 40) and continue on Kársnesbraut towards Vesturvör.

  • Sky Lagoon is just a hop, skip, and jump from major landmarks – 9 minutes from Perlan, 12 from Hallgrímskirkja, 14 from Harpa Concert Hall, and nine from BSÍ bus station.


  • Sky Lagoon offers ample free parking, perfect for your wheels.

  • They even have charging stations for electric cars.

Iceland Rental camper

Is Sky Lagoon Less Crowded Than Blue Lagoon?

When it comes to choosing between Sky Lagoon and the famous Blue Lagoon, one big question pops up: 'Which one's less like a sardine can?' Well, let us spill the beans. Sky Lagoon, though increasingly popular, still feels like a hidden gem compared to the bustling Blue Lagoon. 

It's like stumbling upon a secret oasis, versus joining the party at the popular kid's house. Why the difference? For starters, Sky Lagoon is a bit newer on the scene, so it's like that cool new café that not everyone has heard about yet. 

Plus, it's smaller in size and has a set number of visitors allowed at a time, ensuring that it doesn't feel overcrowded. Meanwhile, the Blue Lagoon, with its global fame, tends to draw larger crowds, making it more of a social hotspot.

What Are the Must-Try Experiences at Sky Lagoon?

At Sky Lagoon, must-try experiences abound. Here are a few notable highlights apart from the seven-step ritual, taking a dip in the lagoon and admiring the breathtaking view:

  • Infinity Edge: The lagoon's infinity edge is a showstopper. It's where the water seems to spill into the ocean, creating an endless view that's a feast for the eyes. Perfect for those serene moments or a dreamy Instagram shot.

  • The Cave Bar: Now, let's talk about the bar – but not just any bar. Tucked away on the far edge of the lagoon is a unique cave bar. Picture yourself sipping on a refreshing drink, surrounded by the natural, rugged beauty of a cave, all while still immersed in the warm embrace of the lagoon. 

  • Sauna with a View: The sauna at Sky Lagoon isn't just about sweating it out; it's about basking in the stunning views through the largest single window in Iceland. It's relaxation and sightseeing all in one.

How Can You Maximize Your Visit to Sky Lagoon?

Want to make the most out of your Sky Lagoon adventure? Here's the insider scoop: booking in advance is key. 

This spot is hot (literally and figuratively!), so snagging your spot early means less stress and more bliss. Aim for early mornings or late evenings to dodge the peak crowd times – trust us, it's worth setting that alarm!

And hey, why not turn it into a full-day escapade? Nearby, you've got some fantastic dining options to refuel post-lagoon lounging. Plus, Reykjavik's rich culture and sights are just a stone's throw away. Think of it as a day of soaking, sightseeing, and savoring some local delights – a perfect Icelandic trifecta!

Why Sky Lagoon Should Be On Your Iceland Itinerary

Sky Lagoon is an unmissable Icelandic gem. From the serene seven-step ritual to the unique cave bar and mesmerizing infinity edge, it offers a perfect blend of relaxation, culture, and natural beauty. 

As we've experienced its magic firsthand, we can vouch for the rejuvenating and unforgettable moments it provides. It's not just a stop on your Icelandic itinerary; it's a highlight that'll enrich your Iceland adventure with lasting memories.



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