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Iceland Honeymoon Ideas

Updated: Apr 13

The beautiful landscapes of Iceland make for a wonderful honeymoon destination. It may not be the most obvious of choices. Especially in summer when the midnight sun means that there are 24 hours of daylight! But active couples will love to really unplug and get out and enjoy the great outdoors together. From camping under the stars and seeing the northern lights to soaking in secluded hot springs or hiking in the stunning national parks. There is just so much to do in Iceland. It is not the most budget-friendly destination but then a honeymoon really should be the trip of a lifetime. Here is our pick of the most romantic pursuits for your Iceland honeymoon season by season.

Two hands cradling black sand in a heart shape. View of the beach and sea. Iceland honeymoon ideas.

A good place to start…

The Blue Lagoon hot spring spa is just a twenty-minute taxi ride or drives from the Keflavík International Airport. This is Iceland’s main airport and almost certainly where you will arrive in the country. So what better way to start your honeymoon than with complete relaxation? Luxuriating in the rejuvenating thermal waters amidst a stunning volcanic landscape.

You should book your slot at this geothermal spa in advance as it is a popular spot. Then you can be whisked straight from the airport to the spa and then on to your hotel in the capital. The perfect start!

Have a blast in the capital Reykjavik

Before you get out and active in Iceland, it is a lot of fun to spend a few days enjoying Reykjavik. This Scandinavian capital is super cool with some excellent restaurants, hip hotels, and a fun bar scene. Book a table at one of the capital’s fine dining restaurants such as the prestigious Dill restaurant. Then spend a few days exploring the different neighborhoods and checking out the bar and music scene.

Many of Iceland’s best museums and art galleries are in Reykjavik too. So culture vultures will be in their element here, soaking up the distinctive atmosphere of urban Iceland. It is also really useful to learn a little bit about the country’s natural and human history before exploring it in person. It will always add a new dimension to your adventures.

When to honeymoon in Iceland

The best time of year for your honeymoon in Iceland depends on what type of trip you would like to take. The weather in Iceland, along with the differing daylight hours from winter to summer has a big bearing on your trip. It also depends on when you are getting married! These days though, many couples aren’t quite so traditional about heading off on their honeymoon directly after their wedding day. Here’s a quick guide to the types of activities you can get up to in the different seasons.

Couple stand on an ice block on the beach and look out across a sunset sky. Iceland honeymoon ideas.

A Winter Honeymoon in Iceland

During the colder months in Iceland, you will find a veritable winter wonderland waiting for you. Snow and ice abound and the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful. You will be able to enjoy outdoor pursuits like snowmobile riding, ice caving, glacier hiking, and skiing or snowboarding. If you visit in December, you’ll enjoy the romance of Christmas with glowing candlelight, cozy restaurants, and twinkling lights. And of course, you’ll be able to see starry skies and quite potentially the dancing lights of the magical Aurora Borealis.

One lovely option is to book a rental camper van fitted with a custom-made skylight. With one of these rentals, you can head off to the nearby Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland and camp overnight for a few days. The peninsular is an easy two-hour drive from Reykjavik, and it is a favorite place to see the light show! Far away from any light pollution, you can snuggle up with a hot chocolate and wait for the dancing lights. The sight of these otherworldly swathes of glowing green and blue will be something you remember for a lifetime.

There is much more to see on the peninsula, including glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, and a dramatic volcanic coastline. In fact, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is often referred to as Iceland in miniature, with a little bit of everything to enjoy.

A Summer Honeymoon in Iceland

On a summer honeymoon, the very best thing to do is hire a car or an RV and take a road trip. You could explore Iceland’s Ring Road or take your time around the Golden Circle or the incredible South Coast of Iceland.

The Golden Circle is a trio of incredible sights in south Iceland not too far from Reykjavik. It is possible to take a day trip to all three, but it’s much nicer to take your time. If you stay at the nearby campsites along the way, then you’ll be able to see many other sights too. You’ll also be able to choose the quieter times of the day to visit the three main sights. Perhaps seeing the powerful Gullfoss Waterfall at midnight under the rosy glow of late daylight. Or exploring the trails of the Unesco World Heritage Site Thingvellir National Park after the tour buses have left.

Couple in warm jackets hold hands and look out across a beautiful waterfall. Iceland honeymoon ideas.

If you have more time, then the much quieter roads in North Iceland are a joy to drive. You’ll have a lot more space up there in the north with far fewer visitors to share the sights with. There are so many highlights of the Ring Road that you’ll want at least ten days to explore. You’ll want a little longer if you also want to head further north to the prime whale-watching waters around Húsavík. 

Or somewhere in between?

The months on either side of winter and the high season of June to August might just be the perfect time of year for a honeymoon. Late April and May and September to mid-October can be excellent times to visit Iceland. At these times of the year, there are far fewer visitors. You’ll potentially have some of the beauty spots all to yourselves. Waterfalls, black sand beaches, and lava fields could all be enjoyed with just the two of you.

During these months, you can also enjoy road trips, riding Icelandic horses, whale watching, multi-day treks, and hot springs. The northern lights might just put in an appearance in April, September, and October, and there could be some snowy days. All in all, these are excellent times to visit Iceland.

There's no Wrong Decision

Whatever time of year you choose to visit Iceland don't forget to book your motorhome rental and you are sure to have many amazing experiences. Your honeymoon will be one to remember!


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