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Home Cooking in Iceland; What to Expect from an Iceland Grocery Store

Updated: Apr 3

Iceland is known for being a pretty expensive place to visit, so you will need to do some proper budgeting. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to limit the number of times you eat out. But how do you budget for a home-cooked meal or buy ingredients if you do not know the country?

That’s why we compiled a list of some of our go-to shops, to tell you which Iceland grocery store to go to if you need certain items and what their prices look like.

So, if you’ve got an upcoming trip to the island, or would like to start planning one, this article can be very valuable to you with its wealth of information. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

iceland grocey store

Where to Buy Your Groceries in Iceland

Below you will find some of the grocery stores in Iceland that come highly recommended:

When You’re Visiting an Iceland Grocery Store on a Tight Budget

The following are considered to be some of our best grocery stores in Iceland in terms of quality, but these guys are also known for their more affordable pricing. Therefore, if you’re visiting the island on a tight budget, these should be your go-to shops:


Kronan is a much-loved Iceland grocery store. Kronan and Bonus shops are often used together, since the one tends to have the products the other one doesn’t have (especially when it comes to seafood and meat). Kronan also has a fair selection of Vegan products, making it a firm favorite amongst Vegan shoppers.

At Kronan one can also shop with peace of mind, knowing that the retail chain takes their environmental impact and living a healthy lifestyle very seriously. Kronan has been praised for its focus on sustainability, and you also won’t find any sweet racks for those last-minute impulse buys there. Kronan is one of the grocery stores in Reykjavík, and you’ll also find them in other parts of south Iceland.


Yes, this US favorite is one of our grocery stores in Iceland, but it’s not nearly as big of a franchise as it is in the States, so don’t expect one around every corner. But the concept remains the same; an almost warehouse-like shop that sells all sorts of household and grocery items at wholesale prices. A Costco membership in Iceland also brings a few additional perks with it, such as discounts on gas, so it’s worth looking into whilst here.


This is probably the most famous Iceland grocery store here on the island, where most locals do the majority of their shopping. Bonus can be found scattered around the country, but it’s mostly known as part of the grocery stores in Reykjavík. This shop with its signature pink little pig logo stocks a wide variety of groceries and most household essentials. Bonus can keep its prices low as it tries to avoid branded products.

Like Kronan, Bonus is at the forefront of sustainability and was the first Iceland grocery store to get rid of plastic bags and switch to biodegradable ones. They also have a very strict internal environmental policy to reduce their carbon footprint even further. If you’re planning on going shopping at Bonus, just remember that most stores only open at 11 a.m.


Netto is another affordable grocery store, but it comes with the perk of some of its stores being open 24/7. Netto was also the first Iceland grocery store to offer online shopping here on the island. Whilst its main focus is on groceries, you can also get a few household essentials there.


Super1 is one of the grocery stores in Reykjavík, but also another retailer that originates from abroad as Super1 is a Danish retailer. This grocery store is similar to Bonus, but just fewer in numbers and not quite as big.

When You’re Visiting an Iceland Grocery Store with a Bit of Money to Burn

The following are considered to be some of our best grocery stores in Iceland in terms of quality and carrying a few niche products, but these guys are also on the pricier side of things. But, if you’re visiting the island with a bit of money to burn or in dire need of a very specific niche item, these should be your go-to shops:


This supermarket in Iceland sells groceries and other household essentials. 10-11 is Iceland’s version of the old 7-11 in the US, and in knowing this, you can probably guess its opening and closing hours. Although the 10-11 is considered helpful to locals whenever we have to “quickly” grab an item we need urgently or that we forgot, we generally try to avoid these shops as their products can cost double what they cost in other stores.

grocery stores in reykjavik


Hagkaup is considered to be an upmarket Iceland grocery store and if you’re looking for a specific item from abroad, this will be your best bet. Except for groceries and household essentials, Hagkaup also has a small clothing section that consists of both normal as well as traditional Icelandic wear. Some Hagkaup stores are open 24/7, so just double-check operating hours beforehand.

Knowing Which Iceland Grocery Store to Use is Half the Battle Won

Having the inside scoop as to which grocery stores stock what, where they’re located, and which will suit your budget best is half the battle won when it comes to planning meals and snacks here on the island. If you are planning on renting a campervan in Reykjavík and making a road trip out of your Iceland holiday, it becomes both easier and essential to stock up on ingredients.

It also becomes very important to take stock (couldn’t resist) of where you’ll find these grocery stores as they become scarcer in the more remote regions of the country. So, use this article to plan not only your budget but help plan out your trip itinerary – you will be guaranteed a pretty tasty holiday filled with Icelandic flavor.



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