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Your Complete Guide to the Forest Lagoon in Iceland

In a country littered with natural hot springs in the middle of nowhere, it’s nice to have one within comfortable reach. The Forest Lagoon is one of our favorite spots, and in this article, we will outline exactly why this should be on your Iceland holiday trip itinerary. When you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to see the Forest Lagoon, despite the trees!

Forest lagoon, Iceland

What is the Forest Lagoon?

Nestled in a quiet forest next to a breathtaking fjord lies a geothermal spa resort that will make you drop your jaw to the floor. The Forest Lagoon, or Skogarboðin as it is named in Icelandic, is one of those geothermal hot springs in Iceland that you can visit without having to go off the beaten path. It is a perfect blend of modern architecture and intimacy with nature and is pretty much right on top of the main road.

At this resort, you’ll get everything you need from a spa. The Forest Lagoon in Iceland has geothermal pools with mineral-rich waters. Entering the heat from the hot springs will not only wash away the weariness of the travels, but the minerals in the water will also benefit your skin.

The Forest Lagoon Facilities

As expected, the Forest Lagoon offers more than just hot water. There are two hot pools: The larger one, which is kept at a relaxing 37 degrees Celsius, and the smaller one, which is kept at a warmer 40 degrees Celsius. The larger pool has an indoor entry and no less than two swim-up bars.

The facility also has a dry Finnish sauna with a small 11-degree Celcius pool right next to it. This welcomes the opportunity to indulge in a very Nordic ritual of going between the hot sauna and a cold alternative. In Finland and northern Scandinavia, it’s customary to roll around in snow or take a dip in a hole in the ice of a frozen lake.

After a feat like that, you’ll surely be hungry, and Skogarboðin doesn’t disappoint. In the wood-clad restaurant Forest Bistro, you can enjoy fine dining while looking out over the neighboring fjord. This is the best opportunity to take some Forest Lagoon photos of the area.

The Forest Lagoon and Forests in Iceland

The Icelandic relationship to forests is one of the reasons why the Forest Lagoon is so popular. For a long time, the Icelandic government has been putting the works into reforesting the island. Roughly half of Iceland used to be covered in trees. When Vikings settled down on the island, they cut it down to make houses and boats and to make space for animal pastures.

The continued sheep grazing in Iceland kept the forests from growing back for a very long time. In modern times, the Icelandic government took matters into its own hands and started actively growing forests. Today, the forests are seeing a healthy recovery, allowing places like the Forest Lagoon to thrive in serene landscapes.

Where is the Forest Lagoon?

You find the Forest Lagoon in the northern part of Iceland, just a little bit outside Akureyri where it sits at the southernmost part of the Eyjafjördur.

If you walk down to the shore at the Forest Lagoon, you’ll see the northern capital just on the other side of the narrow fjord. The location is great as a compliment for a day or a night (or both) for any of the possible trips you can make in the area.

How do You Get to the Forest Lagoon?

One of the many advantages of the Forest Lagoon in Akureyri is that it is very easy to reach. If you are already in Akureyri, simply hop on Ring Road 1 going east for about 3 kilometers and you’re there!

If you are done with the top things to do in Reykjavik and want to head north for a luxury spa experience in the forest, it’s a bit trickier than going from Akureyri. The quickest way to get back and forth is to take the plane from Reykjavik Airport to Akureyri Airport and get a taxi, take the Forest Lagoon Bus, or rent a car to drive to the Forest Lagoon.

If you plan on driving from the capital all the way north, simply drive north from Reykjavik along Ring Road 1 until you see the Forest Lagoon. This will take almost exactly 5 hours, and you will cover close to 400 kilometers.

How Much is the Forest Lagoon in Iceland?

At the Forest Lagoon, you will have to pay differently depending on your age. See the price list below:

  • Kids up to 5: Free

  • Kids between 6 and 15: 3,290 ISK / €22 / $24

  • Adults between 16 and 67: 6,590 ISK / €44 / $48

  • Disabled and seniors (67+): 4,990 ISK / €34 / $37

Just like at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, you will pay for a time slot in which you can enjoy the facilities. You’ll need to bring your own bathing suit and remember that it stays on in the sauna, despite the Nordic traditions of sauna in the nude.

If you forgot your towel or simply didn’t bring one, you can rent one at the front desk for 900 ISK.

Places to Stay Near the Forest Lagoon

Whether you visit the Forest Lagoon on a road trip or as a day outing, you might need somewhere to sleep. Below is a list of nearby accommodation options that come highly recommended:

Head North to the Forest Lagoon

Now you know what hides behind the trees at the Forest Lagoon. If you are in the northern part of Iceland and want to experience a luxury hot spring visit, this is the place to go. The only thing that comes next now is for you to rent a campervan in Reykjavik and go north!



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