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All You Need to Know About the Weather in Iceland in August

Updated: May 5

Iceland isn’t as icy as people might think when they hear the name. The summer in Iceland is roughly 3-4 months (depending on what you think summer is like) and August marks the beginning of the end of that summer. That means you will be able to do all that you want to do, without freezing your butt off.

Iceland is a country of volatile weather, with temperatures that go up and down more often than a fishing boat on the North Atlantic waves. So, what does the weather in Iceland in August look like? If it’s summer all over the Northern Hemisphere, it should be roughly the same there, right? Read on to find out!

Weather in Iceland in August

Weather Pattern and Light in August

Regarding the weather in Iceland in August, you first need to remember that this is a country where you can get all four seasons in a day in the summertime. August is at the end of summer in Iceland, when the weather starts to get ready for Autumn. This means that the calm and “stable” weather of the summer is starting to change. You’ll see potential rain, stronger winds, shorter days, and a drop in temperature when it comes to the weather in Iceland, especially in late August.

The summer light will change slightly but will be about the same as it has been throughout the summer. You will notice that the daylight hours will go from roughly 18 to 15 hours from the beginning to the end of August. This means that you won’t catch the proper midnight sun, but you will have some bright nights and mornings.

In the capital, you will always be a little shielded from the winds. The Reykjavík weather in August is always calmer due to the cluster of buildings that keep the wind at bay. You will, however, get a good taste of the rough weather if you move closer to the harbor areas or the outskirts of the city.

Iceland weather in August

Temperature in August

The average temperature in Iceland in August is going to keep around 10 °C to 15 °C, but it can still spike over 20 °C on a good day. It will still be warm enough for all the summer activities, as you will see when you travel around the island. If you’d rather stay around the capital, the temperature in Reykjavík in August will usually keep somewhat steady at around 15 °C and rarely become cold.

If you are planning to rent a campervan in Iceland for August, it's essential to be prepared for the unpredictable weather. While the temperatures may drop suddenly, you may also experience bright days and nights, so it's recommended to carry a jacket and sunglasses with you at all times.

Why go to Iceland in August

Still being summertime, the weather in Iceland in August makes for a pristine holiday for all visitors. All the popular attractions will be open and operating at full capacity, which means that you will be able to enjoy all the things you can do in Iceland in the summertime.

The temperature in Iceland in August is still good for camping, and since most visitors come and camp in July, you will have some extra space compared to earlier in the summer. The weather in Iceland in late August might get a little too volatile for camping, but if you are an outdoorsy person, it won’t bother you at all.

Whale watching is also pristine in August, since the good weather coincides with the start of the migration for many whales. This means that they will be very active, and you will have good chances of catching some really cozy hours at sea.

Getting yourself a campervan will shield you from the elements if you want to keep your camping luxurious. Check out the best campervan rental in Iceland to start planning your adventure.

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