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Iceland Weather in February

Updated: Jan 16

February might still be a winter month, but the daylight hours have already increased since the winter solstice. So, does this make it the perfect time to plan your trip? In this article, we dive into exactly what the Iceland weather in February looks like, what you’ll need to keep in mind, and what you can look forward to.

So, hold on to your hats because February might just be the month you fall in love… with an island!

Iceland weather February

The Iceland Weather in February

As we already mentioned, February in Iceland is still very much part of the winter season here in Iceland. And that means everything that goes along with it; snow, rain, the legendary Icelandic wind, etc. In February, you’ll just get to experience all the harsher elements of the island at a slightly lower intensity than mid-winter.

The temperature in Iceland in February ranges between -1 and 4 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in Iceland in February hovers around 1 degree. So, unlike the rest of the winter months, the thermometer is finally beginning to cross over to the warmer side of things again.

Iceland Weather in February; the Illusions & Increased Playtime

For a long while, there has also been a misconception that the Reykjavík temperature in February is somehow higher than the rest of the island. But this is merely an illusion. The weather in Reykjavík in February is no different from the rest of Iceland. The buildings of the capital city simply create shelter against some of the harsh weather elements and make it feel slightly warmer.

What makes Iceland's weather in February unique is that, the daylight hours have drastically increased to more than 10 hours a day. That's a far cry from the 4 hours you get mid-winter. Still, you'll deal with typical winter weather in this month.

This gives you more time to play around with when planning your Iceland trip itinerary. But keep in mind that the local saying “you can experience all four seasons in a day in Iceland” exists for a reason. So keep a close eye on the Iceland weather forecasts and the Iceland road conditions. These will ensure that your plans are not derailed by bad weather or sudden road closures.

Weather in Reykjavik in February

Benefits of the Iceland Weather in February

Iceland's weather in February gives you the best of both worlds. You can sit and sip hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, yet have more than enough daylight hours to take a hike or do another outdoor activity.

Daylight hours have increased, but there’s still enough darkness to catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. It’s also still cold enough for you to go ice cave exploring, but the temperature has already started rising above the 0-degree mark.

Luckily, most of the festive season crowds have left the island. You'll get to experience all of Iceland’s attractions and activities without being shoulder-to-shoulder with other visitors. Furthermore, you'll also skip the festive season prices (which is great for a holiday budget).

What to Pack When Taking the Iceland Weather in February Into Account

Is it your first time on the island? Then, before you start packing everything but the kitchen sink because you’re confused about Iceland weather in February, simply use this handy packing list as a guide. You’ll be perfectly prepared!

  • Long, waterproof winter coat

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Warm fleece or woolen sweaters. If you’re opting for the wool, just bring one, so you can purchase real authentic Icelandic woolen sweaters – they are the best!.

  • Waterproof pants

  • Casual pants (for days spent in the city)

  • Waterproof hiking boots (irrespective of whether you’re going hiking or not)

  • Thermal underwear

  • Thermal vests

  • Thermal leggings

  • Warm, woolen socks

  • T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts

  • Warm gloves

  • Warm hat (beanies are always a good option)

  • Warm scarf

  • Toiletries and medication (remember to double-check flight restrictions!)

  • Electronic devices: chargers, cables, a power bank, an adaptor, etc.

Temperature in Iceland in February

Iceland Weather in February May be the Reason for the Best Trip Ever!

Not too many crowds. No peak season pricing. No longer struggling through only a couple of hours of daylight, yet there’s still enough darkness to give you the Northern Lights show of a lifetime.

You’ve got enough daylight hours, so you can rent a campervan in Reykjavik and go on a proper road trip or a hike. But the colder winter weather still ensures that you can partake in the best of all the winter attractions and activities. February in Iceland may just be the best of both worlds - and your best trip ever!

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