Iceland Campervan Essentials: The Extras You Can’t Do Without

Updated: Aug 19

Campers are a favorite means of transportation in Iceland. Whether summer or winter, rain or shine, the comfort of having your home on wheels can’t be compared to anything else. Your vehicle may be well-equipped already, but you can still make your trip even more enjoyable by adding some accessories.

So, are you planning your campervan trip around Iceland already? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll run through our list of the top essentials you need to pack in your campervan, so you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’.

Before we dive into our list of Iceland campervan essentials, let’s explore some important considerations for your Iceland campervan trip.

Iceland campervan essentials guide

Things to consider before your campervan trip

Road trips are an excellent way for people to see Iceland’s beautiful landscape. Still, to make the experience as enjoyable and smooth as possible, there are several things you need to consider before renting a campervan for your Icelandic adventure.


Summer sees mild weather in Iceland, with average highs of 13°C (55°F) and lows of 8°C (46°F). While you’re less likely to experience snowy road conditions in summer, there can be some snow in the south of Iceland.

The Icelandic winter is extremely cold, with lows of -10°C (14°F) and highs of around 5°C (41°F). The roads are often covered in snow and deserted by people. Winds are also strong, which is important to consider if you’re planning to visit Iceland during the winter months.

Time of year

Iceland experiences drastically different daylight hours between the summer and winter seasons, so it’s important to consider this when you’re planning your trip. In summer, Iceland enjoys an average of 21 hours of daylight. In contrast, darkness descends in winter, when the country sees between 4 to 6 hours of daylight.

The season can make a big difference in your driving experience, so factor this in when organizing your trip.

Iceland is an incredibly beautiful place, perfect for a campervan adventure. With untouched landscapes and unimaginably stunning glaciers, volcanic black sand beaches, lagoons, and other natural wonders, this island nation is sure to amaze.

Iceland camper rental in winter

Iceland campervan essentials: your handy packing list

So, what exactly should you bring on your Iceland campervan trip? From which clothes to pack to top tips for a comfortable campervan road trip, our Iceland campervan packing list will help equip you for a wonderful adventure.

Take a look through our list of Iceland campervan essentials to help plan your journey of a lifetime!

Layered clothing

In a country with ever-changing weather, knowing what clothes to pack for Iceland is a must. We recommend bringing layered clothing to be prepared for any weather. This includes a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer, in case it gets cold. For example, a t-shirt, jumper, and waterproof jacket are a great combination to make sure you’re comfortable no matter the climate.

Additionally, remember to pack your swimsuit! This is definitely an Iceland campervan essential for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of geothermal pools in Iceland!


A towel is essential for bathing in Iceland’s beautiful lagoons. Bringing a quick-dry, microfibre towel can be more convenient for traveling as they are both small and efficient.


As the sun is low in the sky during the winter months, sunglasses can help you enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience. You’ll also need some shades during summer to protect your eyes as the sun shines for most of the day.

Sunglasses are a must for visiting iceberg lagoons too, due to the white, snowy landscape, which can make the sun’s glare very bright.

Iceland campervan essentials: sunglasses


We’re sure you’re going to want to take some photos on your campervan trip around the incredible landscape that is Iceland! From the Blue Lagoon to Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland’s awe-inspiring natural beauty is a photographer’s paradise.

Travel toiletries

Depending on the length of your trip, you can bring small, travel-size toiletries along with you, including soap, hair care, face wash, deodorants, creams, and lotions. These can be neatly stored in a toiletry bag for easy use at the shower facilities in one of Iceland’s renowned campsites.

Don’t forget the all-important sun cream to protect your skin!


Save yourself space by packing some of your Iceland campervan essentials into a backpack, rather than a small suitcase. You can then reuse the bag as a daypack for hiking trips or any adventures that will take you away from your camper.

Water bottles

Reusable water bottles are perfect for storing the water you need to keep hydrated on your trip. A flask is also handy for tea or coffee.

Iceland campervan essentials: bottles

Portable chargers

Make sure to pack portable chargers so that you can keep your devices powered up throughout your trip. Having these in a separate pouch stored in your backpack will help keep them tidy and eliminate any messy wires hanging around!

You can also rent inverters and converters that allow you to charge your devices directly from the campervan’s battery. We carry a series of inverters and converters that will change your appliances and devices from 12V DC to 230V AC.

They are perfect for hairdryers, mobile phone chargers, and laptops. These may not be available on every vehicle, but you can check when you’re ready to rent.

Food and tupperware

Of course, you will need a stock of food for your exciting Icelandic road trip adventure. As well as dried food, fresh fruits, and your favorite snacks, we recommend bringing some Tupperware along. Always handy and great for storing food, Tupperware will help keep your snacks fresher for longer.

Iceland campervan essentials: great add-ons

We all know that baggage allowance is quite limited nowadays. Luckily, most rental companies offer a wide list of extras you can add when booking a camper. Here are the most essential:

Sleeping bags and blankets

Ensure a comfortable night’s sleep by bringing along enough blankets and sleeping bags to keep warm during chilly nights.

Sleeping bags are included in all of our campers. You can also get a blanket, pillow, sheet, and cover as part of our Essentials Pack which contains all you need for a successful road trip!

Iceland campervan extras: sleeping bags


With the majority of Iceland being quite rural and sparsely populated, GPS is definitely helpful for navigation. As well as helping you find your way to the nearest volcano or glacier lagoon, a GPS system is helpful for checking your travel time throughout your adventure.

Child seat

A child seat is an important consideration when traveling with little ones. The law in Iceland requires children to be sat in a child booster seat if they are under 135 cm tall.

We offer child seats as part of our Iceland campervan Essentials Pack to help equip your whole family for an exciting adventure around the breathtaking scenery of Iceland.

Camping table and chairs

Enjoy a morning tea or an evening BBQ outside your camper using a handy camping table and chair set. You’ll be able to sit and relax in the fresh Icelandic air, admiring the stunning landscapes.

Bringing a camping table and chairs allows you to take a breath of fresh air, get in contact with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland all at once.

Iceland campervan essentials: chairs

Ready to hit the road!

We hope you found our Iceland campervan essentials checklist helpful. Want some more help to plan your trip? Read all about driving on Iceland’s famous, scenic Ring Road in this blog, complete with our list of amazing places to stop on your campervan tour.

Save yourself the time and trouble of organizing your campervan essentials by checking out our Essentials Pack. This handy pack includes bed linen, kitchenware, a camping table set, GPS, a child seat, insurance for an extra driver, and more fantastic equipment to ensure you have a wonderful campervan adventure.

Are you finally ready to reserve your campervan? We’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have along the way. Here’s to the adventure–wherever it may lead!


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